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Several dominant T-cell receptors of cytotoxic T-lymphocyte CTL clones specific for FBL-3 tumor antigen were clonally amplified in mixed lymphocyte tumor cell cultures derived from an individual immune mouse.

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Proteoglycans PG are complex molecules which consist of a core protein with a of covalently linked GAG chains. The former is a reaction to determine the of GAG chains in the proteoglycan1 and the latter determines the species of GAG.

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Data about this abnormality were given in the first syllabus 1 and are reprinted here. Mild microcytosis in heterozygotes; normal to mild anemia, reduced red cell survival, reduced MCV, target cells, reduced osmotic fragility in homozygotes.

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Conditions in which there is a considerable production of Hb A are milder than those without Hb A. The beta E mutation is known to occur on chromosomes with different haplotypes; three have been observed among the Southeast Asian populations and two in European families.

Weatherall, D. Saunders Company, London, Miller, D. Louis, MO, However, compound heterozygotes are often severely affected as can be seen from the data for untransfused patients with Hb E-beta-thal listed in Table A. The often greatly increased production of Hb F should be noted. This abnormal Hb is the second or third most common beta chain variant in the world.

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These types are listed in Table B. The haplotypes are from Refs. Huisman, T. Kazazian, H. Nakatsuji, T. Indrak, K. Tryptic digestion; fingerprinting; cation exchange chromatography; amino acid analysis; sequencing.

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