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Georgia 4H Summer Camp

Camp Jekyll

Camp Jekyll is a 25+ acre facility on southeastern Jekyll Island. While the Jekyll Island Authority owns the property, the Georgia 4-H organization handles all its programming, reservations, and day-to-day operations. The campus includes 13 buildings and the adjacent soccer complex.  Since the Authority almost completely rebuilt the complex starting in May 2014 and dedicated it in December 2016, it is practically brand new.  The camp sleeps 256 guests and includes a volleyball count, basketball court, and a dune crossover to the beach.

Camp Jekyll is one of six Georgia 4-H camp sites in the state.  Camp Cloverleaf 2018 is a one-week experience for youths who have completed fifth or six grade.  The County Extension Offices handle registration, and each county has a given week and camp location at one of the six 4-H sites during a six week period of the summer. See this link for information about your county.

The Georgia 4-H program also offers youth organizations of many types the opportunity use Camp Jekyll’s facilities. Schools, scouting, sporting and community groups can host meetings and recreational events.  The 4-H program sponsors many environmental education programs. So organizations can offer their members such topics as Beach Ecology, Maritime Forest Ecology, Salt Marsh Ecology and Shark or Fish Di-section.  Click this link for contact information.

Camp Jekyll - 4-H Camp on Jekyll Isalnd

In addition to Camp Cloverleaf and other Jekyll Island summer camps, you can find many Jekyll Island events held throughout the year. Click here to see some others.


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