Seining on the Jekyll Beach

Seining on the Jekyll Island Beach

Seining refers to a method of fishing.  Imagine a 4 foot by 20 foot net, attached to poles on either end. The bottom edge is weighted so that it sits just above the ground. Two people each take a pole and pull the net through the water, catching fish, shrimp, crabs, and other ocean animals in the process.  People have used this method of fishing for thousands of years.  The length of the nets varies, and you can also seine using boats.
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Day Camp from Turtle Tides – A Jekyll Island Activity Sampler

Turtle Tides Day Camp on Jekyll Island
Day Camp

Turtle Tides Jekyll Rentals & Tours is offering a day camp filled with outdoor activities for children this summer.  The day includes a chance to learn several of the outdoor activities that Turtle Tides operates.  Camp is limited to six kids, ages 6-17. It is a fun-packed day, but campers will also learn about Georgia’s coast and ecosystem. Being on the water that surrounds Jekyll provides a wonderful sense of the beauty our saltwater marshes and animals provide.  You are sure to see many of the area’s birds, such as a brown pelican or an oyster catcher.
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Fishing on Jekyll Island – Captain Griffin Wood Charter Fishing

Redfish - Captain Griffin Charter Fishing - Jekyll Island
Captain Griffin – A Charter Fishing Option

On a crisp December morning, we headed out to fish with Captain Griffin.  He meet us with his boat at the public boat launch behind the 4-H Nature Center.  His boat is a great size for two to four fishermen and comes set up with rods.  We headed through Jekyll Sound and across open water to Little Cumberland Island, where we fished off shore for redfish and trout.  Along the way we viewed dolphins and many shore birds, including a group of white pelicans.  The more common brown pelicans also made their presence known as they dive-bombed for breakfast.
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Fishing on Jekyll Island – The Fishing Pier

Jekyll Fishing Pier - Clam Creek Picnic Area
The Fishing Pier – One of Many Fishing Options

Jekyll has many fishing options, including dockside, shoreside, charter boat, and seining. You can often see fishermen at The Pier on the northern tip of the island, in the surf all along Jekyll’s beaches, and even fishing around the island’s salt-water pond. This article features dockside fishing at Jekyll Island’s north-end pier, adjacent to the Clam Creek Picnic Area.
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