Touch Screen Thermostats – Sandpiper on Jekyll Island

ThermostatsThermostat - Sandpiper on Jekyll Island

Sandpiper Cottage has three thermostats: in the upstairs family room, the upstairs hallway, and the downstairs family room. Since they’re touch screen units, they might look a little confusing without the standard buttons. But they’re actually very simple to use. Each thermostat normally shows the current indoor temperature in the center. Below that number, it shows the outdoor temperature, as reported by the weather service over the internet. Since the weather service reports the temperature from the Brunswick airport, the actual temperature outside Sandpiper may vary by a few degrees.
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Using a Keyless Entry Code – Access Instructions – Sandpiper Cottage on Jekyll Island

Keyless Entry - Access Instructions - Jekyll Sandpiper Cottage
Keyless Entry

A keyless entry, or smart lock, is a lock with a keypad. You can unlock it by entering a code instead of using a key. At Jekyll Sandpiper, we use such a lock for the deadbolt on the front door. You can give your access code to all members of your party.  It also allows for flexible arrival times at the initial check-in. We will email or text you your personal entry code prior to your stay.
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Georgia Florida Football – A Great Reason to Visit Jekyll Island

Georgia Florida Football Game near Jekyll Island
Georgia Florida Football

Do you like Georgia Florida football? Because the Georgia Bulldogs will play against the Florida Gators on Saturday, October 27th at 3:30 PM. Per a long-standing tradition, the city of Jacksonville will host the two teams. Georgia fans will flock to the coast, and they have Georgia on their minds. So many prefer to stay on Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island for the weekend. The turnoff for Jekyll on I-95 is only 29 miles from the Florida state line. That makes travel down to Jacksonville for the game quite doable. There are even buses that make the trip a bit easier. It’s a great option for avoiding the crowded parking lots. And it allows everyone to have a drink without the worry of the drive home.
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Grilling Patio – Spring 2018 Updates at Sandpiper Cottage on Jekyll

Sandpiper Grilling Patio - Jekyll Island

For our Spring 2018 updates to Sandpiper, we focused on two ideas: better grilling for visitors and less sand for our housekeeper.  Our biggest project was to create a patio area under the balcony on the east side of the house.  The balcony above it protects this area from the rain, and it stays fairly dry even during thunder showers.  Many guests already figured out that it is a good area for grilling. Now the barbecue grill team has a relatively sand-free area, with chairs and a gas grill addition to the existing charcoal grill. We hope you enjoy cooking those burgers, brats, and hot dogs for your friends and family.
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Jekyll Island State Park – A Dog-Friendly Island

Collies on the Beach - Jekyll Island
Dog-Friendly Island

We love our collies and know that many people are just as attached to their dogs, so we’re thankful that Jekyll is such a dog-friendly island. Bringing your dog to the beach can be tremendous fun. Jekyll Island is a Georgia state park, and the entire island is state-owned.  Many Georgia state parks, including Jekyll, are pet-friendly! Leashed dogs are welcome on most Jekyll beaches, but some remote areas where birds and turtles are being especially protected prohibit them.
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Safety Features at Sandpiper

Rental Safety
Safety – Modern Infrastructure

We completed a major remodeling and updating of Jekyll Sandpiper in March, 2017. You may not see many of the safety-related changes, but they’re there! The electrical system, including all the wiring and circuit breakers, is completely new. The three AC units and the two tankless hot water heaters are also new. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, hard-wired with battery backup, protect the rooms. They are networked together, so you will hear an alert anywhere in the house. The roof is also completely new. The Glynn County building inspector checked out and approved all the changes.
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House Rules

Please treat Jekyll Sandpiper cottage with respect, so that we can continue to provide outstanding accommodations to our family and yours.  Below is a summary of our rules, please refer to our rental agreement for more details.  We cannot cover every situation, so we ask that you act reasonably even if the specific situation is not covered below or in our rental agreement.  Please contact us if you are in doubt.

  1. All events, that will require rented equipment or additional guests on premises, must have prior approval.
  2. Guest limits must be maintained! No extra, off the street, or unexpected guests.
  3. All rented equipment must be removed by check-out.
  4. Noise ordinances observed. Quiet time is between 10 pm and 7 am.
  5. House rules apply to all guests. Any damages are the responsibility of the renter.
  6. Only 20 persons may stay the night. Guests beyond the rental party must secure separate lodgings.
  7. No camping or RVs allowed.
  8. No parking on the lawn or opposite side of the street. Tickets will be issued by the county and damage to the yard and will be the renter’s responsibility.
  9. Any violation of the rental agreement could result in the loss of security deposit, eviction, or both. All guest are subject to the rental agreement which specifies addition limitations such as no smoking, use of house equipment, etc.
  10. Remember this is a residential neighborhood. Children and families live nearby. If there is suspected underage drinking, public intoxication, public indecency, drug use, excessive noise or other illegal activity, the Glynn County Sheriff’s Department will be called and you could be arrested or evicted.