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In an interview earlier this year, he talked about his children, who turn seven in December. More From In the Magazine.

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His marriage seemed a turning point, an opportunity to right the ship not just of his own life but of his homeland. By early September, Charlene had still not returned, and she was not expected to do so until October, at the earliest. Several of his buddies would come along for these gustatory delights!

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Now 29, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi who did not reply to s for this story is an actress and singer. Yet even in the run-up to the wedding, rumors swirled of another love. Yet for all his efforts, Albert, whose wife initially brought a more modern brand of glamour to his rule, seems unable to get out of his own way.

In December, Princess Charlene shocked royal observers at a charity event when, above a gold-sequined face mask, she revealed that the blond locks on one side of her head had been shaved off. Doctors, she said, had warned her against flying home lest a pressurized private jet aggravate a sinus infection related to a dental implant procedure.

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The couple had twins, Jacques and Gabriella, infinally putting to rest any succession concerns. Further paternity claims—valid or not—were perhaps inevitable. Albert made the most of immense privilege and dashing good looks while he waited for the inevitable to happen. In Albert accepted the boy, now 18, as part of his family—and fortune. This summer, while nursing her sinuses in South Africa, Charlene released a series of heavily produced videos charting their relationship to mark the 10th anniversary of their marriage.

In broken English, and in translated text messages, he tells me that the case is delayed. According to the Telegraph and Buntelegal documents filed in Milan by a lawyer with a confusing name Erich Grimaldi, who tells me Mariza found him on Facebook, is not related to the Grimaldis of Monaco allege that Mariza, then 20, did not recognize the prince.

Foc Kan. Albert with his daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, who was recognized in after 14 years of legal battles. David Niven and Yul Brynner attended. The prince had asked for her phone during an Air France flight from Nice to Paris.

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Was it a of inner turmoil? The lawyer, who is more used to contract law and credit recovery, says Mariza simply wants a DNA test. In the space of a year, a playboy prince and committed bachelor had risen to the throne and admitted to having two illegitimate children.

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MGM broadcast it live to more than 30 million people. Bern is more diplomatic—and guarded—in doubting the latest claims. But not the line of succession, which Rainier had cannily changed by constitutional amendment in to include siblings as heirs if they had children.

Mariza began a fight for recognition and support. And yet, around the same time, Princess Charlene reportedly skipped an official meeting with French president Emmanuel Macron. His case collapsed when a U. Eringer also wrote a blog that carried dozens of scandalous claims about the prince and his rule, including a striking photo of Albert leaping naked from a boat in his more carefree days. As the only son, arriving between two sisters, Albert had a destiny hung over him like a heavily jeweled sword of Damocles.

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Inwhen Albert took the throne, Eringer established an unofficial agency—the Monaco Intelligence Service—to help root out unsavory characters who did not fit the new image. Late that same year, Eringer says he met Tamara Rotolo and Jazmin in Monaco, months before Jazmin was officially recognized. Before his marriage in to the South African swimmer Charlene Wittstock, Albert, the playboy prince of Monaco, upheld the traditions of a dysfunctional family that has been defined by scandal and intrigue for seven centuries.

Yet in the latest paternity scandal, Eringer emerges as an unlikely character witness for Albert, albeit a barbed one. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. He is not intimidated by his royal adversary. Bern suspects the pressure on Albert—and any future wife—might have driven him to seek relationships without commitments, free from impossible comparisons.

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Then in May she flew alone to South Africa for what was supposedly going to be a week, only to stay away from Monaco for months. Bern is a prominent French TV presenter who has been close to the prince since But new claims are different—and less amusing—because Albert is 63 and no longer a bachelor.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano. David M. Princess Charlene appeared at Christmas party with a new haircut. The Scene.

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But now, 15 years after he ascended the throne and several scandals later, there is a new one, perhaps the most outrageous of all—a story that involves an anonymous Brazilian, dueling lawyers in Milan and Paris, a Vladimir Putin cameo, and the worst sinus infection in the history of mankind. Keystone-France Getty Images.

She says he told her he was a Canadian lawyer and diplomat. In the meantime, Albert has been anxious to present a wholesome image of his legitimate family, even as they remain physically separated. But the billionaire bachelor had perhaps not applied the same propriety to his personal life. No sooner had he ascended to the throne than decades of his own fast living came back to bite him in the royal derriere.

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Monaco remained a constitutional anomaly, existing partly to satisfy an interest in royalty as fantasy in a country that had beheaded its own king in The weddinginwas a sensation, attracting 1, journalists. In a DNA test confirmed the claims of a former waitress from California, Tamara Rotolo, who had for years insisted that her daughter Jazmin was the result of a brief encounter with Prince Albert inwhile she was on holiday in France.

She wanted to declare herself regent, securing the throne for herself and Celia glamour shots son. While Monaco today is a member of the United Nations, it is a sovereign city-state that depends on the protection of France. Mariza S, as she is being called for the purpose of potential court proceedings, according to the Telegraph newspaper in the UK and the German magazine Bunteis a Brazilian woman who is now in her mid-thirties and lives in Italy.

He has been linked to such high-profile women as Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer, while his perennial bachelorhood inevitably inspired gossipy speculation about his sexuality. Type keyword s to search.

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Nine months later Mariza allegedly had a daughter, known in the proceedings as Celia, as reported in the Telegraph and Bunte. Albert was born two years later. While not referring to Mariza directly, Charlene insisted in January, before her South African isolation, that she was happy, and she expressed full support for her husband. At the time of writing, Grimaldi was hoping a judge would reject the plea, and he Celia glamour shots waiting for the case to come back to court, which he said should happen imminently.

And the latest allegations are yet another threat to his moral, modernizing mission. But doing so would not be without challenges, especially for someone whose reputation required its own rehab. Albert, meanwhile, is doing his own PR tour. Albert and her children made a visit to South Africa in August. He was and remains, Bern says a likable man, and he was a popular figure at Amherst, where he studied from to McInnes once entertained Prince Rainier and Princess Grace at his home after a concert at the Massachusetts college, and he conducted a performance at the cathedral in Monaco during a European tour.

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She says she continued to think he was a Canadian diplomat until she recognized him years later in an Italian gossip magazine. By Albert was nearing 50, almost bald, fat, and rather ugly.

Almost four decades after her death in a car crash, Grace Kelly still lends Monaco a degree of status in the popular imagination that dwarfs its geopolitical importance. It was his princely status that attracted women, certainly not his looks. It was at this point, apparently, that Mariza claims Albert stopped responding to messages.