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Fishing on Jekyll Island – Captain Griffin Wood Charter Fishing

Redfish - Captain Griffin Charter Fishing - Jekyll Island
Captain Griffin – A Charter Fishing Option

On a crisp December morning, we headed out to fish with Captain Griffin.  He meet us with his boat at the public boat launch behind the 4-H Nature Center.  His boat is a great size for two to four fishermen and comes set up with rods.  We headed through Jekyll Sound and across open water to Little Cumberland Island, where we fished off shore for redfish and trout.  Along the way we viewed dolphins and many shore birds, including a group of white pelicans.  The more common brown pelicans also made their presence known as they dive-bombed for breakfast.

Redfish are so much fun to catch!  They provide a great deal of excitement when they bite on your line.  This fish likes to hang out close to shore near tall grasses that live in the water.  In order to make fishing sustainable, there is a minimum and a maximum size for keeping each type of fish.  The one pictured is just an inch over the maximum, so we released him back into the water. But the fish provided just the right amount of challenge to pull in, and it was fun to tell everyone that the fish was sooo big we couldn’t keep him.

Charter Fishing - Captain Griffin Wood - Jekyll Island
Full Service

Griffin is very personable, making everyone in our group comfortable.  He will bait your hooks and net your catches.  At the end of the trip, he will clean your fish. Griffin knows the area very well, and his handling of the boat makes everyone feel safe. In addition to Little Cumberland, we viewed Jekyll and St. Simons, giving us a wonderful feeling of the openness of the local bays and rivers.  Although our goal was fishing, the beauty the boat trip provided was a wonderful bonus.

Captain Griffin offers inshore charter fishing for trips lasting 4, 6, or 8 hours, with the goal of catching redfish, sea trout, flounder, triple tail, tarpon, and many species of sharks, plus fly fishing for sight casting, targeting redfish.  Call him at 912-269-7337 to set up your adventure.

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