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Cockatrice is an open sourced platform for gaming that you can use to play magic online with other players. Cockatrice is a downloadable program that runs in tandem with a program called Oracle, which is the card library Both are installed on your computer when you install Cockatrice. It allows deck creation, editing, chat rooms, private messaging, as well as playing and observing games.

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Cockatrice are Slayer monsters that require level 25 Slayer to kill. They frequently drop limpwurt rootswhich are their main food source and used in the Herblore skill, and rarely drop the Cockatrice headwhich can be brought to the Taxidermist in Canifis and stuffed for 2, gp.

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No, I was using powershell in my workspace. In Chile we have a game called "myths and legends" the game has a community maybe larger than mtg here and has some historic relevance in the region. Is there any way to create some sort of plugin to be able to "load" another tcg?

Updating cockatrice - cockatrice/cockatrice wiki

I do have docker for windows on my main computer, which I can get the server running on that without the SQL database because I have no idea how to do step 1. ZeldaZach on master Refactor websocket into separat… compare.

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I've tried changing the hostname to localhost or the ip of the server and I get "can't connect ", however the database is started and running in the container list. I figured out later that those are commands that need ran, but they don't work in powershell, they worked once I did them in bash instead.

I'm trying to setup a server on UnRaid for Cockatrice.


People Repo info. With nothing else to go on. ZeldaZach closed Oct 17 ZeldaZach on master cleanup and unit tests … compare.

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ZeldaZach on master. I'm trying to install cockatrice and it simply says I "Can not open cockatrice because of a problem" w. Where communities thrive over 1. Zach H. Bill Mitchell.

I'm using UnRaid in production, which is Linux. Oct 18 ZeldaZach on master Webatrice websocket refactor … compare. I'm here to report what seems to be an issue with the card database.

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I would not recommend using arch unless they already know arch. Webatrice websocket refactor … compare. However, this seems to have removed the cards from the THS Original Theros set; the set is still there, but it's blank and there are no card images for it.

AnhedonicNeko did you follow the instructions on the wiki here? I'm brand new to Cockatrice, but figured a newcomers eyes might be good to spot stuff in the documentation.

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I was wondering if someone could help me out a bit. I'm getting stuck and my brain isn't working. At the moment most people play the new sets they even have an official app in steam but there's a growing community of people playing legacy formats, those formats are being played mostly via zoom or lackey but I think that a custom cockatrice interface would be far better. This is both with the initial "docker container run" command the last step of the guide and also if I later try to do "docker container start".

Oop, seems there was also a post about this on the reddit :P.

Update for sld stranger things

Hasbro has been rather obnoxious on this point once before. I ran the full command as specified on that one, and I still get the error that it can't find the database. NicoCaro there isn't a way to do all that in a single button right now, but this could be implemented That would be best, if something like that could be implemented with python I'd help gladly.

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The primary setup will be using Docker, however if I pull Cockatrice from DockerHub straight onto UnRaid it won't start no error output either. After a while away, I went to update my database.

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If I turn off the database, servatrice boots fine. Probably compiling it yourself since I don't know that Crouton could use the existing deb files.

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Does anyone know why that might be? It doesn't have an existing container on CommunityApplications yet which if allowed I wouldn't mind publishing it there once I get this working.

Home - cockatrice/magic-token wiki

I mean to change default the phases, set custom shorcuts and load a different card database. Refactor websocket into separat… compare. Do you know of any way i can do this? Gavin Bisesi. I could create some dummy cards and try.

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So my question is if someone can help me with how to do that step specifically? I think the problem might be that with the command as is, it doesn't actually as a network, as on the docker containers list in UnRaid, it doesn't show an IP bind, only a port bind which normally each container has an IP listed with the bind. So for instance, Krusader shows: NicoCaro there isn't a way to do all that in a single button right now, but this could be implemented.

I'm guessing it is something to do with how UnRaid handles containers. Okay, so I have my containers setup on unraid, but when I try to start servatrice, it stops immediately with the error: "[main] Error opening database: Unknown database 'servatrice' QMYSQL: Unable to connect". I don't know about unraid, but if you're using powershell I think we made a windows specific dockerfile.