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Eddie Guerrero had to fight for his place in wrestling.

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Training to be a pro-wrestler takes an immense amount of dedication in the ring and outside the ring.

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4. eddie guerrero

That is all. Once again I will be completely transparent in saying I am far too overweight for my height 5ft8. Made with by Graphene Themes.

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This does mean I struggle more than I should with training, but I am trying to turn that around. On a Raw taping, ran. But it most certainly helps to be in good shape.

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Jogging on the spot continuously for thirty minutes, interspersed with doing high reps of simple body weight exercises. Toggle search form Search for:. BrunoSammartino's WW. Load More Follow on Instagram.

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Tweet Us Follow sltdwrestling. I recommend copying what we do in training as a warm up.

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WWE held Battleground. That means my muscle building progress is slower, but right now my goal is to shed pounds whilst putting on some muscle.

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To prepare and keep yourself in a condition to wrestle, one has to be diligent outside of the ring. Diet Truth be told, my diet is hit or miss. Truth be told, my diet is hit or miss.

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Also, the use of meal substitute shakes and bars I use the ones from TRIBE have made life much easier, as I travel for ninety minutes after training to get home. Obviously one needs to hit all the muscles, I personally prefer a full body workout, I just feel better after the gym.

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Instagram sltdwrestling. Support SLTD. DidYouKnow: Today in The New Brood mattha. Ultimo Dragon defeats T. WWE held No Mercy.

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This is hypocritical of myself, for I am a sucker when it comes to sugary foods, which is the biggest downfall of my diet. Keeping a clean diet will help you leaps and bounds in your pursuit to be a wrestler. May As we see wrestling is no easy feat, and the toll it takes on your body is immense.

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SLTD Wrestling. This could include, forty reps of squats, followed by ten press ups, followed by 30 sit ups, followed by 5 burpees. A one minute match is even a killer. Myself having only been training for about two months I can already feel the effects, especially on my back.

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