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Faith Chapel – The Historic Church of the Jekyll Island Millionaire Club

Tiffany Window Faith Chapel Jekyll Island Georgia
Faith Chapel History

In 1904 the Jekyll Island Club members built Faith Chapel as a non-denominational church to replace the small Union Chapel. Although it had a strong Episcopalian influence, it was open to members of all faiths. Since the Club required that their members attend church service every Sunday, they needed a suitably larger facility. Busy or otherwise unavailable members, however, could send servants in their stead. In addition to being part of the Jekyll Island National Historic Landmark, in 1971 the church joined the National Register of Historic Places.

The chapel provided regular services from 1904 until 1942. From 1898 to 1904, Charlotte Maurice arranged for clergymen of various denominations to offer services at Union Chapel. After completing Faith Chapel, the Club moved the Union Chapel building to “Red Row,” the area that contained the homes of the Club’s African-American employees. The Maurice family built and lived in Hollybourne Cottage.


Faith Chapel’s architecture is Gothic Revival, with gargoyles beneath the steeple that replicate those of Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral. Red cypress shingles cover its A-Frame exterior, a wooden structure with a brick foundation. The interior also features dark wood shingling with complementary red pew cushions. It has a signed Tiffany stained glass window (“David’s Window”), as well as one by Helen and David Maitland Armstrong (“Adoration of the Christ Child”).


The Jekyll Island Authority offers tours of Faith Chapel daily from 10 AM to 4 PM, though special events can affect the availability. Free for children 15 and under, the adult admission costs $5. You can purchase tickets by calling 912-635-4036. All other Historic Landmark District tours also includes the chapel at no extra cost. From 8 AM to 10 AM each day, the church is free and open to the public for contemplation.


You can book Faith Chapel for events through the Jekyll Island Authority. Currently it costs $800 for weekdays (Mon-Thu) and $100 for weekends (Fri-Sun). There is a $500 deposit required. It is an ideal venue for weddings, though there is a maximum occupancy of 110 people.

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    We are told there is a service the last Sunday of the month at Faith Chapel . Can you tell us what time?


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