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Description: I would lay there and enjoy the sounds of nature around me, standing in the stream or sitting in it and feeling the cool water flowing around my body.

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Nudist colony 5 min.

Years old: 23
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If its a mindset maker, where u can feel better for some reason about ur self, thats more a in-your-head kind of thing, same as ppl that drink to feel more relaxed or get away from problems, or ppl that do weed Family nudest colonies they can feel carefree. The issue arises when there arent any or the family friendly places are in sad shapethen the future of naturism, the kids, feel cut out and unwelcome. I really like your attitude.

My son, who is nearing teens enjoys it too…in short its a must try for family to stay together…happily. The answer to that is pretty simple: Because we love the lifestyle and we hope that the generations after us might have the chance to enjoy it as well. But we can provide a path and they can choose if they keep building on it or break it down. This way of thinking is one of the reasons why many naturist clubs are failing to attract younger members.

I would like to chat with you but not sure how to go about it. I believe that a nudist or naturist family is closer than the textile ones. This may be confusing because of the internet. Of course, i wont do i ever? Ya i know this might be a slightly different subject of thinking about the future generations thing, but it deffo can be used in every area of any subject that refers to the future of things.

Also, I would love to see naturist parents being more open to connecting with other naturist families especially after meeting each other at nude venues or events.

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As long as there is a nice, family friendly place near every adult only place, then we are fine with adults only. This inspires us even more. Keep up the great work you guys are doing, nudist families ,singles, young or old can make a difference in getting more people involved.

It does not matter if this is done now, or at any time in the future. And that alone makes it more than a hobby. Our ebook will be the perfect resource for you!

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You can be a nature enthousiast and still spend 8 hours a day in an office. We completely understand. Something of which we will also benefit of course. I also advocate and resonate your views. Naturists are not all as evangelical as I am, or, I think it is fair to say, the owners of this blog, but a substantial of us are.

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Do you still have questions about nudism or naturism? There they learn what an adult body looks like. Some of the board members think that naturism should be exactly the way they want it and if it dies with them so be it. At nudist places, they do get to see what real bodies look like.

Envirnment is something everyone should care about all the time, cause i has to do with now. Quite some research has been done about whether nudist places attract pedophiles, none of them were able to prove this.

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We all live todayand now, we should care about that, not about the future, the future is for someone else to care about. Are you looking for even more tips and tricks? These are often the same people who claim that youth has become prude just because they feel little for laying next to the pool all day, play some petanque and go to bed at 9pm. You can also see this in a more selfish way.

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So much fun to see families enjoying the outdoors totally naked. Seems like a very healthy way to raise .

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But imma kinda ask something i think i never did… priori to the last part of the blog. Im not sure i understand that. Nono, u didnt understand me. I still dont and cant ever agree with therms changing their meaning over time, it makes no sence then to even have therms to anything ,if today it means this ,tomorrow it means that.

My family is Naturist and we travel together in search of family nudist places.

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My point is, you cannot influence what will ppl like or care about in the future ,and well. The predators overpower the victim. But why children? In all of that sence, hobbys dont exist then. That will be their time, and they should think about it ,not me. But in these cases, the predator is at home or in some other place and does get a sense of power. Dunno if u know me around here much, but im prolly the only person here that aint a nudie, tho Family nudest colonies course, i dont mind itand i would never understand why would it be good for me if i was one, or even worse, if i would have been nude with some of my fam members lol.

Social acceptability is more important for safety and fun. From how we live our life you can probably also see that we prefer to live today instead of tomorrow. To me, those ppl like to abuse empathy ,cause lets face it… that always works.

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More family coming to nudism will definitely encourage the spreading of naturism in the world. My whole family are naturists, and we have several children. We just returned from a naturist resort and this is echoed by other parents we met there. Say a man or woman is looking to have sex with a kid making me feel sick just thinking abut it, just think of the opportunities they have at a nudist beach! Naturism offers many, many, benefits to everybody, including families and young people, and this is an enduring truth. I do hope other naturist families have an easier time connecting to each other!

I dunno if naturism benefits ppl that do itor not i dunno why being naked is a benetifial thing. I can go on forever.


I mean like, u like it, ur doing it, its cool Family nudest colonies why do u want others to do it now or in the future like in yearsi mean i wont matter to. We do this because we want the generations after us to enjoy living on earth as well. I have a question this probably gets asked a lot but what if a nudist family goes to a nudist resort and other kids or teens get hard ons or even the girls get aroused.

Those are all very different kinds of pretty much the same thing. Interesting one again, tho its a subject that was talked about many times before ,like in general. It then becomes difficult to raise kids as naturists as there are conflicting messages coming from their parents that provide little reinforcement to passing on the torch. The more people we can convince today to try nudism, the more options there will be for nudists in the future. Full time naked parents inside home in front of nude teen children are bit challenging in the beginning especially in the case of teen boys, but later it will continue as our life style.

I never had the pleasure while I was raising my children but I have been to a couple of family resorts and beaches. It helps to build their body confidence. Raising children can be challenging no matter if you are a nudist or not.

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They live inside of you. I wish to build a network of naturist friends and their kids around us but through the years still waiting for it to come true. And you hope that it will keep existing forever. You can be a very religious person and never go to church or any other religious building.

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Cheers Ashutosh. As such, adherents to this creed wish everyone to see the benefits of the principles which guide it, and for them to accept, whether or not they actually adopt, those principles. It is good to start whole family nudism from the home. Every eight-year-old these days knows how to get access to the internet.

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Getting children naked is tantamount to child abuse in my eyes. On the other hand, other research has shown that nudism is actually great for children. They seem to laugh and enjoy life more often. Thank you Paul. Become a Patron!