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It was not her cell phone, for she had turned it off to ensure that her bill would stay within her Uncle Ray's budget. This phone was coming from Uncle Ray's room.

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As a result my dad was asked to go out west for a three month asment.


I spit on the tip and squatted as I forced the medium bulb up my bottom. Source: reddit. A few days after dad left mom went to run some errands. I stayed naked per her instructions until she called us to the table for dinner.

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Just read all 6 at once. After the spanking I had to spend 30 minutes or so kneeling on the coffee table with my head down and my ass in the air.

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None of that sass. It must have been a small nick-nack table or something. post.

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Mom and Timmy looked quite pleased with themselves. I had to take all my clothes off and begrudgingly apologize to Timmy. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew with this.

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For the next couple months my butt hole took the brunt of the physical discipline I was given, but not always. She looked at Timmy. Before dad left he completed a quick project my mom requested. I received two or maybe it was three more strikes directly on my pussy.

A hard day for riya

Then I walked a little bow legged back to the table to finish eating. I barely noticed it as I went about my business.

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She enjoyed my shock. He also can demand you put one of your plugs in.

Hotter than hot. At some point Timmy mentioned something about the garbage being full.

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I tried to masturbate but winced with any touch. I had to hold my ankles apart as he wound up. In order to finally satiate my growing horniness, I found a way to get my sore crotch off. I remember the first time it happened so clearly. The next thing I experienced was a blinding pain as the belt cracked against my labia.

Ties that bind ch. 3 – an erotic series

With a lot of fire and rescue people helping with hurricane related things down south, there were not enough people to fight brush fires out west. That turned out to be a big mistake. You Genital spanking stories, my dad used to be a volunteer firefighter, and our country was a bit of a mess with hurricanes hitting the coast in the south, and wildfires burning in the west.

My mom got to enjoy my humiliation almost as much, and my dad could take out his aggressions harder on my ass, so it remained the focus. We all settled into this routine for a while, but after a couple months something happened that changed the family dynamic a lot.

Next post [MF] Surprise Sex! If I took my pinky finger and touched just my clit hood I could stand the pain just long enough to give myself a tiny climax. I asked and he agreed to take a more active role in keeping you in line.

I had on just a nightgown and panties one Sunday morning. I thought she was kidding really. I was in trouble. It had wooden feet visible but the rest was covered by a red table cloth. Next post.

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I was very afraid of that belt though this time. There were still days I got a boob spanking or got my ass cheeks and thighs toasted with a switch or paddle. Dad took off his belt as I removed my panties and pulled up on the hem of my nightgown. Why would my little brother be in charge? But a couple times I got punished right between the legs.

Ties that bind ch. 2 – an erotic series

Honestly I barely paid attention to what he said. So from now on, your brother may decide what clothing you may or may not wear if you are deserving of a punishment. Once I got up to my room I realized how sore and puffy my labia had gotten.

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I was used to baring my private parts in front of my family when I was it trouble. All of a sudden it appeared in the corner of the dining room. I got sassy with mom and that was it. Did she really just say that?

I closed my eyes. It was effective at what mom hoped to accomplish, which was to reinforce the new hierarchy.

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Do you understand? I went to the drawer and got out the plug.

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My most tender bits smashed under the force of the belt. I wanted to tell and scream in protest, but knew that would make it worse on me.

My penis whipping

It had a candle and a couple Precious Moments figurines on it. I felt my mom and brother watching from across the room. Keep it up. I think I cried immediately but I somehow stayed in position. I think my parents would have spanked my genitals more than the handful they did, but they knew it took more out of me and was longer to recover.

I felt like I was possibly going to cum or that my vagina might fall off, but neither ended up happening.