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Grilling Patio – Spring 2018 Updates at Sandpiper Cottage on Jekyll

Sandpiper Grilling Patio - Jekyll Island

For our Spring 2018 updates to Sandpiper, we focused on two ideas: better grilling for visitors and less sand for our housekeeper.  Our biggest project was to create a patio area under the balcony on the east side of the house.  The balcony above it protects this area from the rain, and it stays fairly dry even during thunder showers.  Many guests already figured out that it is a good area for grilling. Now the barbecue grill team has a relatively sand-free area, with chairs and a gas grill addition to the existing charcoal grill. We hope you enjoy cooking those burgers, brats, and hot dogs for your friends and family.


Sand at the beach the is a good thing!  You will find beach toys in the garage that can make building your own sandcastle a fun afternoon activity.  Our cleaner understands that sand removal from the house is a weekly task. But one rental this spring made her cry for help.  Sandpiper’s floors seemed to be covered in sand.

We responded by adding a bench inside the front door with space for shoes.  In addition, there is now a convenient mini-deck just outside the front door that makes rinsing your feet an easy task.  If you are entering the house at the back door, there is a shelf for shoes just outside. Since this area is covered by the screened-in porch, it makes for another good space for sandy beach shoes.

Bikes and Chairs

We added a couple of bikes for the younger crowd to the bikes in the garage.  Although you might not realize it, bikes hate sand too.  Especially because our sand holds salt.  If you find the bike chains have sand on them, please rinse it off with the hose.

We replaced a couple of beach chairs and deck chairs, and Jekyll Sandpiper renters with young children now have a stroller available for their use to go with the other child equipment.

Enjoy your summer!

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