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Have you ever shared your wife chica picking friend for naughties

Kinks are kinks regardless of your romantic feelings, and sometimes you just want to discuss them with your ificant other in hopes of them helping you bring those kinks to life. A promise of an orgasm that will likely shatter you in all the best ways. So, here is my story about how my husband and I embarked on a partner-sharing journey.

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Discussion in ' Free Love ' started by dogtoothDec 9, Hip Forums. Have you shared your wife before?

Years old: 20
Ethnic: Norwegian
My sexual preference: Male
What is my body features: My body type is skinny
What is my hobbies: Hunting

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If my husband did this i'm not staying with him one more day and it will be the end of everything between us.

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I am not sharing my woman with any other man. Show All. Girls, have you ever shared your man with another woman?

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If you love someone you never want them with another person, man or women. I think the real test of our relationship was when we did a wife swap for a week. We usually swing with another couple that we have known for a long time. I've shared my girlfriend yeah. If your going to try this then Id have to say communication is the most important part. Do that and it will be the beginning of the end.

Share Facebook. If you do, that is basically saying the relationship is over. Brandon70 Xper 3.

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MrWay2Kinky Xper 1. Wife tends to find the other guy more attractive, or develops feelings, and the marriage breaks up. Related myTakes.

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I did and loved it. What if she starts preferring him over you? Hell yes! Up Now! Related Questions. Women's tend to form emotional connections with people they have sex with So you could possibly be putting your relationship on a wire And can easily slip and fall Perhaps the other man could awake in Her a different emotional satisfaction that she can become addicted to and fall in love with That's assuming she agreed to your sexual fantasy However of she is not the type to like that type of thing, she could feel offended or even worse start to feel repulsed by you Simply by the thought that you wanted this.

I would like to but I need some opinions. Since then weve done it a few more times a bit longer each time and even gone as far as to take short vacations with each others wife's.

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My wife and I talk about everything and we agreed that we would never force one another to do something we didn't want to do. Learn more. I never have, but in conversations with other guys, it never ends well.

What is wife sharing?

HotWife Fantasy. So if your looking to cheat, just end the relationship first. Errhh opinions shared on Sexuality topic. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

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If I did not want to be with my wife exclusively, I would not have married her. Getting turned on when your girlfriend or wife has sex with another man?

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Add Opinion. My wife and I have done a few swinger events and find it extremely satisfying in many ways. I loved sharing her with whoever she wanted to fuck.

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Yes No. No, but I would consider sharing my ex wife with someone LOL. OlderAndWiser Hell no!!! Virgin shaming needs to stop.

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Who will be brave enough to answer. Yes or No? Sex survey!! Have you ever shared your wife with another man?

Sharing my wife with another guy (what really happened)

MrExtremely2Kinky Xper 7. Xper 6. HeresJames1 1. We weren't married yet but engaged.

Should i share my wife

If you're not scared to lose her because the possibility will always be therethen if she also wants to, well it's your life, do it. Sort Girls First Guys First. Metal genres and subgenres: Part 1.

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Intraluminal 5. Don't become a scumbag.