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Georgia’s Hidden Gem – Jekyll Island – the Nearest Faraway Place

Driftwood Beach - A Jekyll Island Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem

Have you had enough of crowded beaches and wall-to-wall people? USA Today highlights Jekyll Island as Georgia’s Best Hidden Gem. And you don’t have to travel far south to reach it. Located halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville, Jekyll Island is The Nearest Faraway Place.

Cross into Another Land

Getting onto Jekyll Island is a magical experience.  The 7-mile ride across the Jekyll Causeway is the beginning of a feeling that you have traveled somewhere exotic. And crossing the bridge cements the idea that you are on an island with charms you are about to explore.  Since the island has many majestic oak trees, you’ll find dappled shade with mini-landscapes underneath. Moreover, many of the oaks look stunning with Spanish Moss hanging from their limbs.

Ride a bike along the west side of the island and explore the feeling of traveling through another land as you catch glimpses of the saltwater marshes and the abundant wildlife that the island offers.  Or explore the east side by bike or foot to see beautiful beach and ocean vistas. Walk the shores of Driftwood Beach to explore oaks that have become sculptures in the sand.

Hidden Treasures

Jekyll Island has a wealth of hidden charms. You can find many of them on a single visit, while others could take you a lifetime to locate. So search for a turtle laying its eggs or a hatching sea turtle clutch.  Or attend one of the Turtle Center’s periodic turtle releases. Some lucky folks might even catch a glimpse of a bobcat.

If you visit Jekyll in January or February, you can participate in the hunt for literally hidden treasure. Because the Jekyll Island Authority hides glass floats all around the island.  Any time of year, however, is a great time to find the gun emplacements on the south end of the island or to search for all the historic markers that describe Jekyll’s past. There are even several geocaches hidden on the island.

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