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In the winter ofthe announcement was made that my 10 year high school reunion for the class of would be a t reunion with the class of

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I had a few high school friends pressure me into going. I wanted to see them so I went. Very little had changed, all the same cliques reestablished for the night. Don't waste your money, you can learn more from social media than you will that night.

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My 20th is coming up in five years and I've already determined I'm not going. My advice is to save it for your college reunion, if you have one, beacuse for me at least, THOSE are the people that I actually liked and would like to catch up with.

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I'm serious. I don't think High school reunions suck would, obviously, but ymmv. The gist: thinking of everyone as "new people" might help here. To go or not to go? I run into a lot of people I went to high school with as they all move to NYCand I think of all of them as new people, because a lot of them are completely new, and it hasn't even been 20 years. We have lots of great conversations, we'd love you to us. She looked shocked, and claimed to not remember which I had my doubts about, but whatever. Instead of spending the money on expensive tickets, take your wife to a nice restaurant.

I guess you could use Facebook. Facebook was a little premature for our 10th high school reunion I graduated in 96but today I'm more caught up on what people are up to than if I actually had to talk to them in person at a reunion mainly because i probably wouldn't have actually talked to certain people, still being somewhat hung up on my old high school insecurities as well.

Seeing how much fun he had, I kind of wish I could have gone to mine. But I guess I'm viewing it as a big social event where you always know you'll have something to talk about. I've skipped mine so far because we haven't hit a meaningful milestone yet and I know those bastards are successful damned dead white men prep schoolbut I also had an ok time. Don't know if you'll have a good time, but it might reduce the size of some of those demons.

You might wind up feeling bad for them. It was actually somewhat fun and entertaining. We went to his 25th high school reunion several years back. One reason to go is that it was 20 years ago. You're a good bit more removed from it than I am, but I see no reason to go.

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Try as best you can to leave the past out of it, and think of this as a grand party where you can meet a lot of interesting new people with whom you share common experiences. If you're curious about what people are up to, Facebook. I was ambivalent about mine, and he really wanted to go to his. If so, then go and enjoy rebuilding those connexions face-to-face. No way!

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My 20th reunion is coming up. It's petty, but satisfying. If not, then close that door. My rationale was I haven't kept in contact with these people all these years. To do that would be pretentious. I agree about facebook. The reason I had an ok time was because people sometimes do become nicer as adults, and of course it was fun to see the former beautiful people whose looks had taken a nosedive. So we went to his. That's not part of my life I care to dredge back up - I've done what I wanted to do and I'm happy with myself.

Are high school reunions becoming a thing of the past?

If it's to exorcise some demons, you may or may not be successful. Like amtho says, think of them as "new" people. This is a binary decision. It's safe to say most of the people you went to high school with aren't, either. Is there any reason to go? But I choose to think binary.

13 tips for being the envy of everyone at your high school reunion

When one former mean girl came up to say hello, he mentioned that he was surprised that she was so friendly because she had been so very unpleasant to him in high school. If I were to sum up the evening, it would be like this: mildly entertaining, a bit boring at times, and we High school reunions suck do it again. I said obviously "no".

Otherwise I'd recommend just skipping it, saving yourself the stress and ing Facebook. Basically, once I got past my own shyness, it was interesting to meet people. Maybe some of those people are nice, and interesting, now. My reunion and my SO's reunion ended up being on the same day, in different states -- both different from where we live. If it had been at my own HS, we'd all have been from the same hometown, which might have made it even more interesting. Same high school? My SO is your age and has reconnected via Facebook as have I. I don't plan to go to any of mine, for much the same reason.

If you wanna go then go. I didn't go to my 20th. Spending money on a highschool reunion is at the bottom of my list of things I could do with that cash. A weird thing happened, though: At least four people came out of nowhere to tell me that they wish they'd known me better, that they were sorry about not being nicer, etc.

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Unlike you, I did have a couple friends--one of whom went with me--but HS was generally a nightmare. I was the nerd in class.

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High school sucked for me too. Prior to our reunion one of the organizers contacted me she was so hot in high school! Me too! I sometimes pretended it was mine, since I wasn't really close to anyone at my HS anyway except for one person who wasn't coming anyway. Are you the same person you were 20 years ago?

A false assumption: "i am wise and mature, everyone else is 'stuck in high school'"

Why would I go through the effort now? The popular kids who victimized everyone had become ordinary overweight unsuccessful adults, for the most part. It might be worth going just to see how all your bastards turned into ofay, middle-American average Joes. I haven't gone to any of them. My husband was the unpopular geek in high school who became the successful geek in adulthood.

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What the hell happens at these things? Did you have a similar experience in high school Mefites? Or just smiling politely to yourself. My husband went because he was genuinely curious about how everyone ended up, and reconnected with some fellow former geeks who were also now successful. Then again, some people really seem to get a lot out of going. I think that you need to decide why you want to go. But then in my case HS was pretty much the worst time of my life. The best years of their lives were back then, yours are now and moving forward. What happened? I don't place any value on re-connecting with people that I did not like and that did not like me in the first place.

Well, not really. You'll probably be happier doing that.