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I am looking up guy who wants Hotwife stories tumblr

A drop the size of a small oyster has already slid out, and is in the back of my mouth, waiting for my brain to decide whether to swallow. This is what I wanted. This had been an almost uncontrollable fantasy for several years.

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Hi there, love your blog. My wife knows I realy want her to enjoy everything. Unfortunately never met him, but was a very hot period. Thanks for the great blog and keep it up Thank you for the confession. Very glad you got to experience the lifestyle for over a full year.

Years: 32
What is my sex: Fem
What I prefer to drink: Absinthe
My hobbies: Travelling

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NOT to make other men feel good. This is for the enhancement of your relationship and for mutually exciting sexual experiences…. If husband not present you must video your time with your stud all the times.

Be the nasty slut he wants you to be. NEVER become attached to a lover. Go out into the room where your husband is: hair a mess, makeup smeared. Fucckkkngggg yessss pleaseeee.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

That way he will encourage you to fuck other men for his satisfaction. I absolutely love being a hotwife.

Not only do I get the freedom and variety of choosing my own sexual partners, but I also get a husband who burns with desire for me. Encourage your lover to slap your butt.

Ladies, is very important for your husband to feel satisfied make him go crazy for you. Make a Movie pt. I prefer to lock eyes for a long time, then wink or smile right before I look away. Posts Likes Following Archive.

Say hi to your husband. Have a glass of water.

My hotwife

Close the door. One of the best parts for me is driving my husband insane with lust for me by giving him just the right blend of teasing and reassurance. Top Photos.

Moaning, screaming, crying, laughing, giggling, etc. Be a SLUT! Lock it.

Recently Liked. TRAIN him to want to use you.

Then, husband can listen! Techniques for Hotwives: by my wife. Then, go back to the bedroom.

His vixen hotwife

Even more fun for you cuckoldresses is let your other guy call from his phone instead. Unbreakable Rules: 1. SHARE the experience with him.