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And if she saw someone coming from the way she had entered her private spot, well she could just duck around one of the isolated rocks poking out of the water further out until they left. Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. The monster's eyes were set deep into its' skull and colored a dark, shiny black, and it had webbing between its' fingers in addition to sharp claws on its' hands, one of which was still wrapped around her ankle, as she abruptly remembered when he pulled Humanoids from the deep sex closer to it.

It was pure agony as her pussy was stretched with no preparation for the invasion like she was used to in her encounters, and a series of screams escaped her mouth as she flailed her arms, her legs having been stilled by the creature's hands, and twisted her torso in an attempt to escape the pain. She heard only the wet slapping sounds of the monster's cock ramming into her soaking cunt and the loud beating of her heart against her rib cage, not even aware of the increasing loud moans and frantic mewls she was letting out as she crested the wave of yet another orgasm.

Although the sun was going down, it was still beyond hot, and Peggy was more than ready to take a break from sweating, the perspiration having thoroughly coated her tits and somehow worked its' way down into her cut-off to moisten between her legs and ass. It was a monster, a creature that was covered in scales and some kind of slimy-looking green flesh the same color as the pieces of seaweed that clung to its' shoulders. Body undulating in the throes of another orgasm, Peggy's fingers twitched and curled as though grasping at something just out of reach, her tits jiggling and shaking as pleasure swept through her body.

The agony now totally washed away by the unexpected orgasm and the pleasure it brought with it, her love juices now further prepared the way for the creature's penis, making it easier for the large organ to slide in and out of her body. She was at a rather secluded part of the cove, a good portion of water shielded by worn-smooth rocks, so she didn't have to worry about anyone seeing her skinny-dipping. She was only swimming to cool off, she thought sternly, and before she did anything else, she threw herself forward into the water.

It was human in shape, with two arms, two legs, and one head, but that was where the resemblance ended. It felt like the monster's cock was about to split her in two! There was no one else around, she noted with a pleased smile spreading across her full lips, and she carefully made her way down towards the Humanoids from the deep sex from the rock she had been standing on. What happened in the next minute was like what happened in movies when someone was drowning: the woman's head broke the surface gasping for air, one arm waving frantically, then went under again, and the process repeated several times, even though you knew the woman was probably not going to come up the next time.

Rubbing against the slickened walls of her pussy, she felt something that further set this monster apart from the human males it vaguely resembled. Her pussy clenched as the water pushed against her sensitive flesh, and she had to resist the urge to take care of that right then and there.

Why not, she thought to herself, her attention focused on those beckoning waves that offered blessed relief from the sweltering heat of the day. She really didn't know which one she was hoping for Her entire body was rocked by the pounding, and her ample breasts were bouncing like crazy with each of the creature's thrusts. Everything grew hazy as she became lost in the waves of pleasure and the experience of one orgasm after another, her mind focused only on the ecstasy the monster fucking her was sending through her body.

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The intrusion hurt so much she honestly wasn't sure how she was still conscious, especially given how huge the cock the monster was ramming into her felt even larger than it had looked, if that was even possible. Peggy was no stranger to sex, but having that huge penis rammed all the way into her mostly-dry cunt was too much for her, and a loud wail escaped her as pain radiated out from the point of intrusion.

She rushed towards it anyway, desperate to get out of the water and away from whatever it was that had grabbed her, and she was now certain that it hadn't been just another piece of seaweed! Her flailing increased in intensity, as did her kicking and screaming, especially when the water ceased pouring off the creature enough that she could get a good luck at another way the thing was similar to a human male. She gasped for breath, chest heaving in a way that would have had any guy finding his pants suddenly too tight around the groin area, and felt hope rise inside of her as she stumbled up onto the sandy beach, falling to her knees and panting as she thought herself safe from what had grabbed her.

It wasn't sanitary, she thought sternly to herself, and somewhat guiltily removed her hands from where they had risen to cup her breasts and lightly play with her nipples.

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She couldn't have been more wrong, as she found out moments later when that same something latched onto her ankle again and began hauling her towards the water. Shoving her legs apart, the creature loomed between her thighs, its' cock matching the glistening sheen on her own skin from the seawater, and before she could draw the breath to scream again, it was too late.

There wasn't, Humanoids from the deep sex a large grin bloomed across her face as she fairly jogged deeper into the water until she was over hip deep in it. At the moment, she was leaning towards taking a nice, refreshing dip in the cove. Stars burst across her vision as the fireworks evolved into full-blown eruptions of ecstasy, and a loud moan slid past her lips as an unbelievable orgasm swept over her.

Her arms were draped limply over her head, and they flopped around with each thrust of the creature's cock just like her boobs did, and through the haze of pain that had settled over her, she gradually became aware of something, another sensation aside from the pain. As she stretched her arms above her head once again, she abruptly yelled when something seized her leg, pulling it out from under her and causing her fall, flailing desperately to get away from whatever-it-was and keep her head above the water. She let out a loud scream into the quiet night as she kicked at what held her and clawed frantically for purchase on the soft grains of sand that made up the beach.

Humanoids from the deep

It was annoying, not to mention slightly arousing, and she was eager for the sticky feeling to be gone one way or another. Although, as her good friend Kelly Norman would have put it, she had been doing most of the distracting instead of the heat, what with her outfit or lack thereof. What it did have was a huge mouth like some kind of fish, or maybe piranha was more like it, considering the sharp, quill-like teeth it was sporting.

Unwillingly, a strangled moan escaped her as her head slowly turned from side to side in an unspoken 'no' gesture as something other than blood began lubricating the huge penis's way into her cunt. She didn't know if it was shock setting it, but she couldn't tell whether it was the pain making her think the monster's penis was so large or if it actually was as big as it felt. The busty blonde, however, managed to get away from the shockingly strong Humanoids from the deep sex whatever-it-was had had on her, and she lunged back towards the shore, alternatively running and swimming in her desperation to get back to shore.

All she could do was ride the rising wave of ecstasy; small mewls of pleasure unwillingly slipping passed her lips as her hips unconsciously moving to match the movements of the creature's pounding. The empty beach, which she had been thankful for only minute earlier, now seemed dark and foreboding, almost damning in its emptiness. Now far from being unwelcome, the creature's thrusts were received with soft moans and sighs of pleasure as she moved her hips as best she could to match the creature's urgent pounding.

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And that was apparently some sort of al to the fish-man, and the thrusts sped up, pounding into her even harder, something she hadn't thought possible. Panting harshly as her abused pussy was somehow pounded even harder than before as the monster picked up its' pace, Peggy arched her back, further emphasizing her generous breasts, as the large cock buried in her cunt brushed against a particular spot inside her, sending off fireworks of pleasure through her body. Shuddering at the added sensitivity of the dark pink nubs, she walked a few feet more until her feet were in the water, looking around one last time to make sure that there was no one around.

It was no use, the creature had her firmly in its grip and it seemed to have no intention of stopping its' brutal pounding of her pussy as it almost completely withdrew its' cock and then slammed it back in immediately. The monster's head had no hair, no ears that she could see, and it had no nose to speak of. Peggy took a moment to stretch her arms out to her sides, smiling as a soft breeze caressed her golden-tanned skin, and her nipples hardened at the slightly cool touch of the wind.

Before she could even think of trying to stand up, the humanoid was on her again, this time grabbing her with both hands around her ankles.

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The sand slipped right through her fingers, providing no purchase against whatever was pulling her back towards the water. What felt like small bumps were rubbing against the sensitive flesh of her inner walls, and when the cock withdrew for another thrust, there was some resistance to the motion, almost like what fish scales felt like when rubbed the wrong way Both feelings mingled until she didn't know whether she was in pain or feeling pleasure, and unconsciously her body relaxed as she tried to make sense of the contrasting sensations.

She felt something tear inside her, producing another wave of pain and drawing out another scream, and the monster's cock slid back into her cunt easily, its' way eased by the blood no doubt slicking her passage now. Abruptly being flipped over onto her back, Peggy got her first look at what had grabbed her, and what she saw made her scream even louder than before. A huge cock jutted from between its' legs, colored the same as the rest of the fish-man's skin, and it was the biggest member she'd ever seen.

Humanoids from the deep aka monster funny

Her blonde hair fanned out around her, her breasts bouncing as her body rocked with the faster pace of the fish-monster's thrusts, and it was all she could do just to breathe. She wiped the sweat off her forehead with one hand, staring thoughtfully at the calm, and more importantly, coolwater. Her nipples hardened into sensitive peaks as pleasure gradually became the dominant sensation, the agony she had felt fading away. The cock twitched, and she screamed as she managed to free her ankle from the creature's grip long enough to shove herself further back up onto the sand.

She was completely submerged for several second, and when she came up gasping, now waist-deep in water, she felt almost 20 degrees cooler.

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One thing she did know, the fish-man now had no trouble sliding its' cock into her pussy After what could have been either minutes or hours, Peggy didn't know, she wasn't even aware of the fact that she had begun gasping out, " Harder! Because she was naked, there was nothing to slow the creature's actions as it pulled her hips off the ground, aligned its' cock with her ocean water-wet pussy, and shoved it in. She lost of how many of them she'd had; all of them blending together until she couldn't tell where one peak of pleasure ended and another began.

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The thing watching drew closer to its' prey, invisible beneath the water that had so tempted the nubile woman within easy reach of it, and one scaled, muscular reached out towards its' target. She had taken off her shoes before she had walked across the sand, so she didn't have to worry about sand getting into them. Peggy felt something gently brush against her ankle, but she brushed it off as just a loose piece of seaweed or something, not paying any attention to it. Peggy Larson, a blonde-haired, green-eyed young woman with a DD bust that jiggled with each step and an hourglass figure, smiled as she stretched her arms above her head, even that action not causing her breasts to sag, and stared out over the ocean from where she was standing on the beach.

She had been one of them, but she had also been one of the ones who had gone out anyway to help set up. After what seemed like an eternity of the monster's cock ravaging her cunt, her eyes rolled back, along with her upper body, as she tried to ride out the pain, her screams reduced to pained whimpers.

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That thought decided it for her, and she stopped a few feet from the waters' edge to quickly shuck off her bikini top and wiggle out of her sweat-dampened shorts, revealing the sparse golden hairs around her pussy. Unknown to her, as she happily scooped up some water to pour it over her body, she was being watched from beneath the waves. Author's Note: This is based off of the movie 'Humanoids from the Deep', which I think should have had a lot more sex in it than it actually did This story is loosely based on the movie, but mostly only as far as the title, names, and the fish-men go.

Her clit was fully erect, Humanoids from the deep sex and swollen as it begged for attention, and she mewled in pleasure as she felt the strange sensation of the monster's cock rubbing against the sensitized nub with each thrust! The waves were lapping gently at the shore, the sun beginning to set over the horizon, and the entire scene looked like something off of a tropical post card, and the 20 year-old took a deep breath through her nose before letting it out in a sigh, just soaking in the peaceful atmosphere.

She tried to make sense of how she could enjoy being raped by a fish-creature, but the rising feeling of pleasure emanating from where the creature was thrusting into her caused her mind to blank out. She was dressed only in a bikini top and cut-off shorts, that day having been a hot that had had many townsfolk wishing to be indoors instead of out setting up for the annual fishing festival. A small groan slipped out as she felt the sharp contrast of the heat of her skin and the cooler ocean, and she shivered as her nipples hardened even further.