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Irma Hits Jekyll Island

Irma Prep
Hurricane Prep
Irma Blows Through

Once a category 5 hurricane, Irma’s reach hit Jekyll Island as a tropical storm.  The dunes on the east side of the island took the brunt of the force from Irma’s storm surge. Jekyll was without water and electric for several days.  We owe our thanks to the recovery crews that quickly came onto the island after the storm.  They removed downed trees and fixed the sewer and electric lines. Local volunteers and restaurants pitched in to feed the workers, serving more than 700 meals over three days.

Visitors are again welcome on Jekyll, and local restaurants and shops are open for business. There are golf courses open and most of the bike paths are ready for riders.  Our beaches suffered quite a bit of sand erosion and damage to crossovers. However over half of the crossovers were open about a week after the storm, and Jekyll Island Authority is working to repair the remainder.  You can already see that the ocean waters are pushing sand back into place. People once again sit on chairs with their feet in the sand or dangling in the water as they watch the birds and listen to the sound of the ocean.

Irma Debris
Debris Cleanup
Irma Cleanup

The dunes east of Nelson Lane protected Sandpiper Cottage and the other homes on the street.  Our biggest task was cleaning our yard.  Thankfully all of our oak trees remained standing, but they did drop an incredible amount of clutter. We spent two solid days moving tree limbs, raking, and mowing.  And we produced four large piles of debris that JIA will soon clear.

We had moved outdoor furniture into the house and garage as insurance against strong winds. Everything is back in place and ready for enjoying the comfortable Jekyll autumn.


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