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Elitesingles baby searching Jailhouse blue switch for lapdance

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I'm looking to modify my blues into jailhouse blues. How should I do it? Paperclip, o ring, super glue, etc? Definitely don't use superglue.

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The removed switch 3.

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Any recommendations for lube? Do you know if putting films on these Outemu switches will improve the sound by a lot? Because the beauty dish was already setup, I figured I might as well pay the dog tax!

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Thanks man, sorry for all the questions. I also wish there were an easier way…. Place the flat head screwdriver between the top and bottom of the switch housing 8.

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Rotate the screwdriver slightly and push in order to get the top of the housing over the retaining clips 6. Put the screwdriver under the top clear part of the switch housing 4. Remove the switch from the board using the included switch remover 2.

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An interesting side effect was that these switches became very quiet! the Conversation.


Should I just lube it like regular tactile switches? Insert the screwdriver slowly at an angle 7.

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Insert the screwdriver into the other side, being careful not to push the lose side back on, and pop the top off the switch housing 5. A dis-assembled Outemu Blue mechanical switch Wedge the spudger in the middle of the slider Gently rotate the spudger to pop the two apart Place the Jspacer on the slider, ensuring that the longer edges are rotated to fit between the opening in the stem side clips Put the tactile white plastic piece over the slider and Jspacer Place the switch spring on the switch slider Place the spring and slider into the notch on the bottom half of the switch housing, ensuring that the clicking mechanism is facing the switch itself copper coloured in photo A removed, assembled Outemu Blue switch Final Step.

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Note that it took about 6 hours to do this for each switch on the board, though admittedly I was watching a movie at the time, and it was New Years Eve. You are a master if you can open the Outemu switches with a screwdriver. I can only ever get them open with a razor blade, which is not only dangerous, but can easily damage the switch housing! Hello, great tutorial and guide.

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