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Using a Keyless Entry Code – Access Instructions – Sandpiper Cottage on Jekyll Island

Keyless Entry - Access Instructions - Jekyll Sandpiper Cottage
Keyless Entry

A keyless entry, or smart lock, is a lock with a keypad. You can unlock it by entering a code instead of using a key. At Jekyll Sandpiper, we use such a lock for the deadbolt on the front door. You can give your access code to all members of your party.  It also allows for flexible arrival times at the initial check-in. We will email or text you your personal entry code prior to your stay.

The keypad has three rows of buttons. The top row has a single button with a lock symbol. This button locks the door. The second row has buttons one through five, and the bottom row has buttons six through zero.

Unlocking the Door

To unlock the door, enter the code using the numbered buttons in the second and third row. After entering the last digit, wait a few seconds for the deadbolt to unlock. You should be able to hear it. At this point the door is no longer locked, but you still have to use the handle below the deadbolt to open the door.

If you arrive at night and have no light, just feel to find the handle and then the deadbolt above it. Press the topmost button on the deadbolt – the lock button. That will light up the keypad. Then enter your code, as above.

Locking the Door

Locking the door when you leave the house is easy. Simply press the lock button, the topmost button with the lock symbol on it. You’ll be able to hear it move to the locked position. If you want to lock the door from the inside, just turn the latch counterclockwise, like a normal deadbolt.

Most Common Mistakes

Entering the code and then pressing the lock button. Don’t press the lock symbol button after you enter your code. This just unlocks and locks the door.

Using the handle without waiting for the deadbolt to be moved.  This disrupts the unlocking process.  So enter code, WAIT about three seconds, then use the handle to open the door.

Waiting for the door to open on its own. Entering the code unlocks the door, but it doesn’t physically open it. You still need to open the door using the door handle.

Entering the wrong code. If you enter the wrong code too many times, the lock safety feature will lock you out. You will have to wait 30 minutes to try again, or we can send someone with a key. If your code doesn’t work after 2 attempts, call us. We will assist you BEFORE you get locked out.

Life without Keys

Once you get used to using a keyless entry system, you will want one for your own home.  No need carry a key to the beach or on a bike ride around the island.

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