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Kids Activities – Fun for the Whole Family on Jekyll Island

Kids Activities - Building a Sand Caste on Jekyll Island
Fun with the Kids

Jekyll Island is a place where families feel especially welcome. Many adults return to Jekyll with their own kids because of the fond memories they have of childhood vacations on the island. If you are a kid, the beach, with its waves and sand, is the first thing that will call to you. So grab the chairs, boogie board, and sandcastle tools and head down to the beach.

Jekyll’s east-facing beach is on the Atlantic ocean. If you were to look at the island from a plane, you would see it sits at the bottom of a U or V shape. The ocean floor slopes gently to our shores, so you will not find a sudden drop-off just offshore. Yet you should still be mindful of water safety. So swim with a partner or in groups. We’ve had the most fun with boogie boards and body surfing on a rising tide.

Jekyll’s sand packs well, making for great sandcastle and sand sculpture building. On the beach, you will have room to spread out for volleyball, kite flying, or a Frisbee game. Save time to hunt for beach treasures. The tidal pools hold small fish, starfish, crabs, horseshoe crabs, and live shells. We often find Lighting Whelks, Knobbed Whelks, Sand Dollars, and other shells. Did you know a live Sand Dollar has a fuzzy feel and look? Leave the live ones, but the smooth ones make great souvenirs.

Out and About

After a day or two at the beach, many families head out for a bike ride around the island. Jekyll has about 20 miles of trails and everything is flat. Mini Golf and the public playground also make for great outdoor destinations. And Driftwood Beach is a great place where kids will find toppled trees for climbing. A morning or afternoon spent at Summer Waves water park is a must for many. If the day looks a little rainy, you might head for The Georgia Turtle Center or Tidelands Nature Center.

Camps and Events

Jekyll Island has several summer camp options, including a turtle camp, an art center camp, a Tidelands camp, and a Georgia Extension 4-H Summer Camp. Many of Jekyll’s special events, such as the Easter Stroll, the Tree Lighting, and Island Treasure are particularly appealing to children and families.

Bring your kids, grandchildren, and favorite nieces and nephews to Jekyll. You are sure to create memories that last a lifetime.

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