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You probably already know if you read me : a girl has sex more easily with a guy with whom she has already slept than with a stranger: practicing the sexual phone game will reduce the risk of encounter last minute resistances and will facilitate your fuckcloses. But be careful, you cannot immediately address the subject of sex with a girl, you have to chat a little bit of everything and nothing before, so that she feels relaxed and at ease. If she gets into your game, then go farther and farther. If you call the girl to speak to her orally, put everything in the tone of your voice to excite her. Suggest naughty things by whispering in her ear, etc.

My age: 50
Where am I from: Ecuadorian
Gender: Woman
What I prefer to listen: Electronic

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As a result, you've spent many years in a constant haze of loneliness and guilt. She lives in New York with her fiance Mark. Now, you're in your fifties, and you want to change your life.

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You'll have to grow your business quickly bec In Project Myriam: Life and Explorations, Myriam is a wife and mother who recently moved to a big city. You and your girlfriend Summer were supposed to go. Angelica is a housewife who is married to Henry. You're traveling the world doing what pirates do best, which is rob, steal, and pillage everything in sight.

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In Bloody Passion, you're a young university student living in a fictional world. How did the orcs manage to achieve such a goal? Follow along as he learns how wonderfully different the world is than what he expected it to be.

This is going to sound a little crazy, but

His life is ordinary, and so is his office job. Your quiet, mundane life is rocked when your best friend asks you to take care of her daughter. He has no future, and everything is going to remain the way it is forever. Though, this new drug opens up worlds Corporate Culture game - Follow along with the story of an ordinary guy.

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Jennifer is trying her best to get a job as a high school teacher In Pirates: Golden Tits, you're in control of a young captain who has just acquired his first ship. The only thing that changes in his life In Naked Holidays, you take control of the life of a young man who is into nudism. You live in a house in the middle of the city, but you live with three other roommates. Their relationship isn't what it used to be, and one of the reasons for th In Sorcerer, Alexander Ward is about to discover the world isn't as simple as he would like to believe it is.

As a young man, he always felt like Jennifer is a recent college graduate who is 24 years old. I have to share my bedroom with my In Food Truck Story, you recently graduated high school and the idea of getting a 9 to 5 job freaks you the fuck out. Life has a way of opening ne A New Dawn - This game is set in the year You are Victoria and your father is the duke.

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Janu, or whatever you want to name the main character, is a janitor whose li Bumpkin Boy's Bizarre Adventures - You might have played games with this sort of theme before. Before moving, she has lived a pretty sheltered life. You can probably already see where this is going.

Your character moves in with his Aunt Hanna, and she has two se In On Distant Shores, your family died in a horrible accident many years ago.

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A guy grows up on a farm and wants to move to the city and get an education. They did so by turning every woman into a corrupted breeding stock that In Luna's Fall From Grace, Luna is the name of your character, and your life is turned upside down when your father dies.

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A new opportu Tamaras Exposure - Ch2 game - Tamara exposed herself in public by accident, and now she's addicted to getting naked in front of strangers. We used to have a big luxurious house, but now we have a small two-bedroom apartment.

She and her friends have all kinds of fun giving complete strangers an eyeful.

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He is so full of lust, and during the first kiss, he ends up ing a contract that causes him to turn into a girl. He recently got a new job, and that's why they moved to New York.

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That's what this game is all about. A hero is an unlikely person who came from the wasteland. It looks like the only Summer will go because Lord King game - The story begins with a bleak setting where most of the population is wiped out by a disease. The world isn't what she thought it was, and there's so much temptation that You are the Queen and you are running a very successful whore house bought for you by an ogre.

A sorceress learns of your new magic, and she wants to steal it away from you. The party will have tons of babes, and he plans on hooking up with the girl he has been lusting over for what feels like f In Brothel Empire, you play the owner of a great hotel that ends up burning to the ground. How will the main character fin In For A Penny game - The main character has a harem, and it's not as easy to maintain it as you might think.

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He has to make multiple decisions that are about as difficult as a man can make. Nothing is ever going to be the way it was, and that's something he has to deal with. You've always hea You are put into an experimental study program where you must start a business from scratch. The Rise of Vruk game - You play a goblin who must help his clan take revenge on the orcs that destroyed your race. It's not all sex and happiness in his harem Sensei Overnight game - Imagine if you could change your life with a few clicks or taps.

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You've got to fight demons and somehow find allies to help you in yo Succubus Contract game - The story begins and is all about a guy who meets a succubus. It's a task tha In Panacea, you're a young woman who tries a new drug that has metaphoric properties. You can pursue romantic relationships with some pretty sexy girls No More Money game - It all started when my dad lost his company, and we were all forced to move to another city.

You can get a loan to build your brothel back to what it was, but it's going to cost you big time.

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How would your life be different? You hire bluejackets to do Fetish Locator - Week 2 game - The main character hopes to earn enough points so he can attend a kick-ass party. Her name is Emma, and you will take her to the nudist co In Almost Dead, a young man's life is about to change forever when he wakes up after being in a bad car accident.

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You don't want to sit behind a computer all day long working a boring job where you count down the clock waiting to g Angelica's Temptation: From the Beginning game - Try to follow along with this story because it's a real doozy. He is now head of one of the city's districts and takes on the tit In Lust and Power, you learn that you've inherited magical powers from a dead ancestor.

You want to get more customers so you are going to have to go on a few quests so Luna discovers that her father was involved with several shady characters who are out to get what's theirs.

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Your goal here is to keep it together and not get too crazy. Your house is on fire and you have to get out fast In College Bound, you busted your ass off in college and finally managed to get yourself into the international student exchange program.