The Millionaire Retreat

From the ruins of historic Horton House to the restored homes and club of America’s 19th century millionaires, see history come alive. Jekyll hosted America’s first transcontinental phone call, and financial leaders drafted the Federal Reserve.

Horton House

Major William Horton built his house around 1743. Since the soldiers and colonists of Fort Frederica were a thirsty bunch, he built Georgia’s first brewery on the site. Also on the site is the DuBignon family cemetery. The two-story tabby house is now in ruins.

The DuBignon Era

Christophe DuBignon acquired title to the entire island by 1800, and he settled his family in Horton House. Jekyll remained with the DuBignon family until 1886, whcn John DuBignon sold it to the Jekyll Island Club Association. The DuBignon Cottage, built in 1884, is in the Historic District.

The Historic District

Historic District Moss Cottage

Walk among or tour the restored millionaire “cottages” and imagine life as a Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, or Pulitzer. Visit Goodyear Cottage, home of the Jekyll Island Arts Association. The Jekyll Island Club was the gathering and dining place for the families, so you won’t find many kitchens in the cottages. Faith Chapel, built in 1904 to provide religious services, has a signed Tiffany window. You can also find gift shops, snacks, and restaurants in or around the district.