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It is not intended to imply anything about the sexual preferences or activities of the people portrayed in the story. Monica Crowley is a conservative political commentator on U. S television and radio.

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Pundit Monica Crowley has apologized for jokingly wondering whether Sandra Fluke was a lesbian in a tweet Thursday, but her statement's not particularly satisfying. Crowley tweeted out this zinger Thursday:.

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She's not, but a lot of the Congressional testimony she gave about birth control centered on some of her friends who are. The Atlantic Crossword.

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Then Crowley quickly followed up with this:. This seems to us like the best way for those who find the joke offensive to point it out, lest they appear disproportionately outraged about a tweet from a lesser-known pundit.

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A lot of the "Left' has in fact expressed their displeasure with the joke using their own brand of humor. I love exposing the Left's total lack of a sense of humor. This article is from the archive of our partner.

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No answer yet. CrowleyJokes bit.

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A pretty creative way of pointing out what he finds offensive about this joke and why the punchline doesn't quite land. Several folks in our Twitter feed quickly noted that a joke with the simple implied punchline of "Lesbians, gosh aren't they funny?

Crowley tweeted that she was "'Insinuating' nothing. Popular Latest.


But that's not quite fair. You can search the CrowleyJokes hashtag yourself for more variations on this theme.

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Why'd the chicken cross the road? Political commentator Monica Crowley is enduring some social media criticism Thursday for a decidedly uncreative joke she made about Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law Student who withstood Rush Limbaugh's similarly unpleasant attacks earlier this year. In Subscribe. Anyway, Best to fight bad attempts at humor with better attempts at it.

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Like this one:. Straightforward question.

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Update: Though it was quickly ovetaken by ad-promoting spam bots. This article is from the archive of our partner The Wire. Indeed some people's attacks on Crowley don't reflect very well on them, and she's retweeted many of those to point out that We're not sure.

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