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The city of Phillia is the largest city currently in the world, housing more monster girls and humans than another other.

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She is a trained healer and prepares the medicine you administer. She is very possessive of you. Your chief wants you to show her the ropes, but your not sure if you trust monster girls just yet. You sometimes wear a long dull brown trench coat if the weather is poor.

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In a city so large, the local police units are often overworked, corrupt or worse. You wear the uniform of The Bureau, a faded blue button-up shirt, and black khaki's.

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You are Dr. Richard Fark, a doctor for all kinds of creatures in this mysterious world. You are Anon, a young male officer worker, however, following a invasion by monster girls and the conquest of your city, you are captured but held in surprisingly lavish conditions. You always carry your gun and holster with you.

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You wake up, and find yourself tied up. You can treat all kinds of creatures and have a substantial knowledge about monster girls. You and Riza have been friends for a long time. Riza and you own a clinic in a big city and offer your service to all forms of creatures.

Your land includes some farms and a forest with a huge lake. Sep 4th, Not a member of Pastebin yet?

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She is older than me, but I'm still the ruler of all red dragons! Your subjects struggled to pay their taxes to you. I am Myerva, the most powerful being in this land! She is an albino lamina and prepares the medicine you administer. In an effort to help them you freed them from all taxes and told them to keep the little food they have for themselves. Lamia's love to drink alcohol. Little do you know your partner will end up being a monster girl. You are Detective Locklear, a veteran cop that earned his badge in the Kobold Riots of ' You are a grizzled human male, with a large bushy mustache that covers your upper lip.

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You aren't going to escape the great Myerva, are you? You reside over a small holding in the kingdom. They can use their tail to grab things and people. Crimes that can't be solved with normal police work are ased to a special inter-species team of humans and monster girls called The Bureau. Riza gets jealous when female patients flirt with you.

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But if you stay here, I can give you food and a Monster girl pastebin. You know Monster girls have largely integrated into modern society but problems and friction do exist. A noble in the kingdom of Larion. Lamia's slither around like snakes do. Riza is an albino lamia. The city is buzzing with many different people and species from all around the world. She grabs you by the hand, and drags you along.

You wear a heavy utility belt that has both handcuffs, pepper spray, a taser, zip ties, a silver stake and garlic in a sealed container. She le you out of your room and into. You sit at your desk in your clinic and wait for your next patient to arrive. Riza is sensitive to bright light and wears a veil. These problems sometimes manifest into crime. You are Lord Laceron. They are half woman and half snake They have the upper body of a human women with beautiful breasts and faces with a forked tongue.

You are unaware that Riza loves you. Now I shall take you too my great dungeon! The under body is that of a snake and covered in scales.

Your old police partner of twelve years recently ended up on the wrong side of an orc's gun and got himself killed. You work together with your assistant Riza.

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In trying times like these, only the agents of The Bureau hope to have a chance to bring order to the chaos that plagues the city. You hear a. Your name is Dr. Richard Fark.

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You find yourself now being ased a rookie partner, fresh from the academy. Pastebin API tools faq. You are a doctor. Upit unlocks many cool features! You treat humans, orcs, elves and all sorts of beast men and monster girls. You are the last remaining member of your royal line. You live in a modern society where monster girls are commonplace. She has the body of a young woman, but with the addition of red scales, two large wings, a long tail, sharp teeth and horns.

A few days later the lock on your room is suddenly broken, and a monster girl blushes and moves in, stating that your ascension to the Royal Family is near, and that you were actually directly related to her family, more specifically, you are her brother, and she needs to teach you about this new Monster girl pastebin and society you find yourself submerged in.

She likes to wrap her tail around you. Your armed with a Colt M as your service pistol. Entry : Lamia's are monster girls.

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I won't! Monster girl stuff. Riza wears a white nurse outfit. You could even be my friend! She has red eyes and white hair.

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You follow her down many twisting corridors, until you find yourself in front of a large metal cage. Entry : Riza is a lamia. You have been captured by the greatest red dragon, Myerval! Entry : You are white human male. A dire famine hit your land.

Riza hands you some documents.

up. Riza is in love with you. Riza tries to seduce you and make you fall in Love with you. In front of you a dragon girl sits haughtily. Her upper body is that of a beautiful pale woman and her snake tail is covered in white scales. Many females consider you attractive.