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I liked hunting My boyfriend likes anal somebody that wants hangouts

Do men really think of anal sex as the holy grail of bedroom activities?

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I've found that hotel sex is some of the best sex I've ever had, and I think it's absolutely because I'm away from my normal routine and especially

My age: 32
What is my nationaly: Zambian
Service for: Kind gentleman
I can speak: English, Polish
What I like to drink: Mulled wine
What I like to listen: Classical

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You'll need to ask your BF. Then again if he has an accommodative personality, you'll likely not to get an honest answer.

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He's just being honest. As a fellow sodomite, some of us just prefer anal sex. My boyfriend likes anal more! You can learn to squeeze his penis with your vagina muscles by doing kegal exercises.

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Show All Show Less. My boyfriend said he likes anal with me more than normal intercourse. Share Facebook. Show All. Does my boyfriend want anal sex better and should I be bothered?

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AustinMan 1. You're boyfreind is just one of those guys that like anal, I doubt it will really change and yeah he probably enjoys it more then you're vagina.

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Up Now! Related Questions. You must have an amazing personality, to be dating anyone. Sort Girls First Guys First. Don't feel like you need to do anything though, you're normal and some guys just have a fetish for anal while others do not. Her vagina is nice and snug and I enjoy vaginal sex but anal is where it's at for me.

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Why life is far bigger than the chase. For me, it's about the dominance and how good it feels. It's difficult to be a feminist in the modern times. Yes No. Must be really hard being that uptight. Sexual Health. There are some guys who enjoy anal more than normal intercourse but you have to know its dangerous and you can get infection easily from doing that. Learn more. G-Daz 2. To be clear, just anal sex isn't infection prone. Add Opinion.

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Monostat for vaginitis. Anal sex IS tighter than vag sex but that's just the reality.

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Xper 5. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. I don't think The fact that your butt is tighter then your vagina does not mean something is wrong with your vagina.

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We use hand sanitizer--faster and more convenient. The burn is delicious.

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My boyfriend prefers anal sex, and I like vaginal more. How should I feel if my boyfriend prefers anal sex vs. Hopefully someday you'll meet a lady who will open your eyes to all that 's possible when it comes to sex. If you look it up there are tons of sites about this exercise. Could be. One other answerer had the right idea: you get to come several times first and then he can have your ass. We all have hang ups but not many of us, thank goodness, feel compelled to flash our ass like you just did and proclaim our narrow mindedness to the world.

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One hint: butt men love their butts played with and most of us especially love analingus. Your vagina should not be as tight as your butt just like the other guy said but yeah your guy probably likes it better because it squeezes him tighter.

That's normal. Virgin shaming needs to stop. No and he should really have told you that. Is he a rough, dominant lover?

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Make him earn the anal treat he enjoys by getting you off 1st. On average its more tighter than the vagina.

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I wouldn't worry about you thinking your va jj is too loose cause its not. Related myTakes. To make one thing straight, not all guys who are into ass have an interest in anal sex I like ass and for damn sure ain't ever trying anal.