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I date men that loves My nudist story

What made you decide to give nudism a try? I love every little thing about life and having this huge hang up was robbing me of simple pleasures.

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This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. I was not born into nudism. I was brought up in a very open-minded and accepting household, and as a kid I was often given the chance to skinny dip in our neighbors' pools. At about age 5 or 6, I would find myself having "deep" conversations with my friends about why we even had to wear clothes since it felt so great to just be naked, but I never questioned an adult about it. Then at age 12 my parents bought me my first computer and I wandered upon some naturists sites.

Age: I'm over thirty
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We were told he had a pool that we could use whilst he could catch up. Thinking back to my d pal, I decided that I would like to give naturism a try. I took more and more of an interest, however, and by now I'm naked about half the time in my room sharing an apartment again since May. Two years ago I dated this girl who has a daughter years old and even lived with her for a while, and though we weren't fully nudist, we were interested and not prudish, and didn't have an issue being naked in front of the little one.

I suppose this may have been a beginning of my thrill with exhibitionism and nudism. If I was going to experience this, it was better to experience it entirely. We didnt give it a go.

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He seemed pleased when I assured him that it was quite natural and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. My brother was promised a trip to the cinema. He explained to us he was a naturist and encouraged us to give it go. Xmas when he was home he said he was going to take me, my brother and my two sisters on holiday. Total posts: 19 View topics.

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I started at home and my mum eventually ed in topless Now my niece has found out my lifestyle and loves it And has become my daughter figure Report Members Only Total posts: 2. All I can say is go and be nude when you can and enjoy it and its always better with another male or female or many xx Report Members Only Total posts: 3. We did this for a little while. Almost always it typical nude beach behavior, just people enjoying being nude around each other. I lived with my mum in Scotland and my dad lived in Wales, He is originally from Scotland.

How i came to be a nudist

Women were not allowed above the first floor of the building. I have had the same experience. Total posts: 1. We were all shocked when he answered the door with no clothes on.

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NudistFriends does not conduct background checks on the members of this website. Only occasionaly would I see anything more -- such as folks hiding in the bushes making love, or whatever. I felt I had some kind of disease, or worse still I was a weirdo when I started enjoying nudism about the same age as you. The delivery boy got such a shock when a 11 year old girl answered the door naked that I got the pizza for free :- When I told him about the incident on the plane on the way home, after getting me in trouble, he said its my choice if I want to be a naturist and he took me to other naturist events around the UK.

The rest of the family never found out about my naturism until I was My dad has since died and I don't talk to my mum, brother or my eldest sisters. Total posts: My nudist story View topics. Many adults were there visiting freely. So I only saw my dad when he came home once every couple of months.

Nudist stories

I can understand how you have had to deal with rejection from your family. I'd already gotten a slight feel for that with my first experience of nudism, when I was couchsurfing at the homes of two nudist men in the Paris area and they were naked while I was clothed, but it wasn't until the campground, on a level playing field with myself naked as well, that I fully realized it. So I was alone in the hose for "" a couple of hours. View author's info Posted on Nov 12, at PM hello My nudist story a fantastic story you have told and still shows us nudist to have to be carful and hide away behind closed doors alas.

That is very relaxing and beneficial. As it happens, I liked it so much I went again a couple weeks later, and then while moving to Spain I stopped for a few days in another nudist campground in Spain. It was only after that relationship, in the typical break-up blues recovery stage, that I decided to try something new and first went to a Portuguese nudist campground for a weekend.

Total posts: 9. Swimming in the pool was in the nude, but since there were only men in it, I don't know if that qualifies for a first naturist experience. Anyway, I moved to Austin, TX in At UT, there were two swimming pools, one for men and one for women.

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Total posts: Total posts: 2. And when while talking I took stock of this, it felt pretty awesome! All three times barring the last one - it was still pretty cold I really enjoyed the experience, and this convinced me to keep exploring this lifestyle. I have no idea where the urge came from, I didn't know another nudist or nudism was an actual thing then. I have visited some nude resorts, and the experience is generally the same, very accepting, and again what I like is that everyone there knows that people there accept the nudity.

I loved your first experience. Report Members Only Total posts: 4.

True story: a nudist resort helped me love my body

Later as I realized I enjoyed this but wanted to do it legally I sought out places where that was accepted -- nude beaches and resorts. When with relatives I have said that I am a Nudist, they all look horrified and quickly change the subject. I wasnt interested, my two sisters one who was 19 and the other 17 with very convincing fake ID decided they were going to go out to a few bars.

We went to Florida, where he wanted to visit an old buddy of his.

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I keep in contact with Kaylay my second sister but she dosent admit to anybody that I am a natuist, like its some sort of disease I started at home and my mum eventually ed in topless Now my niece has found out my lifestyle and loves it And has become my daughter figure. Stay with it Total posts: 9 View topics. Members Only. Once I got to my campsite, I decided, with a couple of butterflies in my stomach, to just go all the way and strip completely before putting up the tent. All rights reserved. One cousin did admit he had been skinny dipping with friends and was ashamed to admit that he had had an erect cock when out of the water.

My nudist story would love to chat with you about this a little more View author's info Posted on Jun 10, at PM I admit that when I was younger, a teen, some neighborhood girls asked me to strip for them and show them my genitals, which I did. Story of my first naturist experience First nudist experience Members Only. Enjoy yourself. But if it had gone further it would not have been good. All I can say is go and be nude when you can and enjoy it and its always better with another male or female or many xx. I recently have been doing some nude yoga, coed. Happy with my choice now, my late wife and now chatting on sites like this made me realise it's all very normal.

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There also, the men swam in the nude. Total posts: 3. It's like the state of nudity was just an abstraction in the background. I automatically got up and answered the door without thinking. In response they would strip naked for me. So I was sitting watching tv with nothing on and the door bell rang for my pizza. Luckily in retrospect I never went further with this, as I know now this was not the right thing to do, but youthful experimentation. I was struck by how natural it felt to talk to other naked people, just the same as if we were all clothed. Report Members Only Total posts: For me it appears to be more recent than most I've been an occasional home nudist on and off since leaving for my studies - mostly when I lived alone, the rest of the time just while in my room because uninitiated roommates - with separate rooms :P.

View author's info Posted on Mar 02, at PM I felt I had some kind of disease, or worse My nudist story I was a weirdo when I started enjoying nudism about the same age as you. Total posts: 4. Total posts: 6. I ordered a pizza and put on the tv. I am proud to say I am a nudist but dont admit it to many if any of my friends so its still a difficult problem to resolve and perhaps never will. When I arrived I checked in still clothedthen they told me it was 'mandatory except for first-timers'.