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Francais chica look My wife makes me wear a bra male for family

My wife of five years moved her lips close to one of my ears.

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I'm not a sexy sleeper. On most nights I doze in some version of my husband's boxer shorts and a free t-shirt I got for ing up for a credit card in an airport or a baseball stadium. Sometimes I wear my retainer and I sweat in Kwinana manly middle of the night so I kick the wesr off and make noises like a Wookie. For my bachelorette party my well-meaning girlfriends played that game where they bought me racy lingerie, hung it along the wall with clothes pins, and made me guess who bought me. Everyone bought underwear that perfectly matched their own personality.

Years: 57
My sexual orientation: Male
Favourite music: Electronic
What is my hobbies: Fishing

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Here is a thought on the matter.

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At first when she heard what I had told her about the womens conversation she was amused but as I told her I could no longer play this game she became irritated. Make no mistake about it, your wife is establishing herself as the top in your marrige just as my girlfriend has done in ours.

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Since them maybe every two weeks or so we go to that friend's house and at her request my wife dresses me in skirts and blouses. Ive been wearing womens clothes since I was 14 I am now 38 I met my wife in a gay bar when I was dressed up she loved it.

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I don't mind, I love her very much and she is a playful person we will both dress up and have the greatest sex. She is the boss in my family and sex is a lot better if I exactly do what she wants. Lee Jay answered.

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That is great and your wife sounds a lot like mine. They're both excited by this and my wife is always a bedroom tiger we we get home. When in I'm out in public it's womens slacks, conservative blouses and ballet flats as she wants me to look like an effeminate boy.

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One day at work I overheard two women talking about me and was mortified to learn they had noticed my pantyhose under my cloths. Ask a Question. Although my wife encourages me to wear a garter belt and fancy hosiery under my outer clothes, the only feminine items she wants me to wear in public are long dangling earrings or large hoops in my pierced ears and high heeled ankle boots. All Topics Relationships Sex. So she can have a hold on you as you put them on ,then she just loves your Lola wang answered.

But for me I feel it is more a reward, definitely not punishment My wife find it a turn on,when I cook all our meals in a maids uniform and white pinafore aprons. For Halloween we went to a costume party and my wife dressed me in a tennis outfit. I usually wear inch heels so that she isn't taller than me when she's wearing 6 inch heels herself. The wife may have some issues with the male gender and feels more comfortable with her husband in women's clothing - de-masculinizing him.

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Just trust her she might be right then again wrong. Women's clothes? I am bisexual and had many male lovers when we were going out together and she really loved it when we pull blokes but nowadays I just stick to dressing up at home and when we make love as she loves sexy underwear its what ever floats your boat and everyone is different. Connect Connect Connect. I am a transvestite my wife lets and helps me dress up,I do all the housework and am totally at her command it works very well for us both.

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Wish I could find a women who would have me do those things in those clothes. Camisoles and pantyhose or tights under my cloths to work for the entire week just to have sex one night. My wife got so turned on that we had the best sex in years once we came home. I don't think it has anything to do with her being bi-sexual - more like her enjoying him in a different way with him beingg more feminine-like.

My man wears them and looks like this:. She might be more attracted to you when you're dressed as a woman, which might also mean that she's been thinking about lesbianism. Since I do all the housework!! Sounds like my kind of women. Anonymous answered. When we went out people thought we were 2 girls and we always got chatted up. OK that is not a problemif a wife wishes you should respect her wishes and should not harm her sentiments, it is all happens inside the house, Even sometimes I also try the same with my husband and he accepts the same and wears all my clothes and even short skirts also and he looks marvellous and looks like a cute sexy girl and after all I use to comment wifes girl and he is my little baby, so I want him to dress all the time in my costumes and remain at home to look after my needs etc.

As summer is aproaching she has been showing me some catalogs with rompers and short shorts asking me which I perfer.

My wife makes me wear lingerie

Answer Question. She sensed your femme side and besides helping you get in touch with it she finds it exciting to share the feminine with you. Garry Parmelee answered. My wife got so turned on that we had the best sex in years once we came home Since them maybe every two weeks or so we go to that friend's house and at her request my wife dresses me in skirts and blouses.

She says in time I will get use to it and I've learned not to complain or hesitate to put on what she has layed out for me as more than once I have spent a week wearing a satin hair ribbon as punishment. I was now wearing panties, bras.

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She ordered a pink, black and lavender romper with matching colored ballet flats and says I will be wearing them with white tights and matching white satin hair ribbon. Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Perhaps a stern father history prompts these feelings. All my uniforms are very plain.

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As things progressed she would require me to wear more feminine items and for longer periods of time before sex. She may have a paraphilia, or a fetish. I am all for it.

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Kassandra RodriguezReally? If she is anything like my girlfriend, she wants to prove to you that she wears the pants in the relationship.

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My wife buys my lingere,hose and heels, somtimes she makes me put on makeup. The skirt was short and I couldn't always keep my panties from showing.

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She had me right where she wanted me and she knew it. She probably thinks you have no sense of style. It's going to be a long summer. Some are short some are not. Your wife is just a bit weird.

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I now have to wear dresses when I am cleaning the house or doing any other of my chores. She asks me to wear panties all the time and to keep my toes polished she adores me color doesnt matter pink black yellow, it all turns her on and when she is happy I am happy! I am getting use to it!!. When I asked her if I had to wear pantyhose during the summer she said of course not, you will now wear tights and thanked me for helping me choose my new outfits. Most men don't even notice but 99 percent of the women can see me comming a mile away and almost every time were out a salesgirl complements me on my outfit which always amuses my girlfriend.

Soon I was wearing panties almost every day and found myself equating panties with sex. Karen answered. At home it's babydoll dresses, no exceptions even when her girlfriends come over, they also are polite but continually giggle and give me tips on how to be more feminine. It all started out as a game where if I wore her panties for the day we would have sex. At that point she told me she loved me very much but if we were going to remain in this relationship she was going to wear the pants and I the panties and anything else she chose, Permanently! As I am earning a lot and can take care of him but I want him to become like my wife and he is agree for that so my life is toooo goooood and enjoyable and also his life is tooo goood and he is also enjoying it.

My girlfriend lets me wear gender neutral cloths to work over my lingere and the women there are polite but I know refer to me as the sissy or pantywaist boyfriend and all the men just think I'm gay.