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In between these moments of moving, you need revengeā€¦ this is where RG comes in! We rent the bottom half of a house. We cannot really afford to move, And we cannot tolerate our Housemate anymore.

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It's said that the best revenge is living well, and that's probably true.

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Yet, she refused to register her pet with the apartment complex, and insisted we all keep her pet secret.

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Good, the only one who suffered was the stupid roommate. I have no idea really what her sexual preferences were, I kept conversations to "Do you have money for the water bill this month? If you had wantes to be truly evil, you should have thrown the letter away before she saw it.

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Gee takes this as an opportunity to make a shot about my father also being absent from events, and then laughed and continued to make jokes about my having an absent father. It was top comedy coming from someone I didn't know, who didn't know me that well, and also supposedly knew and lamented the pain that can be felt from situations like such. Basically, here's the deal.

Not just a cat to her, this cat was her everything. Continue this thread.

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She was good for a rent check and barely that some months and not much else. I try to tell her to stop, but she's on a roll only she finds funny, and after multiple attempts to stop her, I leave, hurt and fuming for revenge. The other two roommates and I assured her none of us had reported the fur monster, and we had her convinced it was a neighbor who must have seen the cat and reported it. That is until one day, she crossed a line I could not forgive. Well played. But her parents paid for her She deserved that and more.

She always seemed to be asking her parents for money, but hated to do it, always lamenting the shame of asking for money, while spending lavishly. The charges would be astronomical. They had had no idea but bowed to me, as by the end of two years, Gee had driven us all insane.

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Never understood it. Snotty, privileged yet acted like she was hard done by, selfish, stubborn, deliberately ignorant, unreliable, and all in all rude.

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Posted by 4 years ago. My general rule with people and their families is I don't talk shit about other people's families. See, Gee had a cat.

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I'm genuinely curious if she considers herself a furry. Just enough to savor the victory, amd not be too mean. And when I say repeatedly, I mean at any party we threw, she would find a way to bring a story up where it happened. Needless to say, I didn't care for her, but we needed her rent check, so the philosophy I took was "just need a warm body" and to put up with her. In the meantime, she made my other roommate furious with her violent behavior and interrogation about how this could have happened.

I've added a few details that were pointed out as missing in my original posting. Found the internet!

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I knew she had these supposed financial difficulties yet also was entirely devoted to her feline. So what are some of those weird sexual situations with her cat?

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One day, I'm in the kitchen, when Gee comes downstairs and starts up a conversation with me. Gee did not follow that rule. Additional: I did tell the other two roommates I did like at the end of our lease once I was sure they would not be held liable for any reporting. For this sad sack of skin, not so much. All I had to do is make a concerned call as a roommate about allergies and an illegal pet.

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She broke the 1 rule about family: Nobody talks shit about my family, but me! Political, religious, and ethical issues I could avoid, forgive, or attempt to discuss healthily. Given she had hurt me, I resolved to hit her back as hard as I could, in a place I knew would hurt: her wallet and her cat. She treated it like her infant, had full conversations with it, a few weirdly sexual situations another story for another time and all social media revolved around this furry hellish creature.

Help is here.

That's fine if that's how you want to deal with it, I had similar if not worse although I hate to measure misery to misery issues with my family, and didn't share much about my past with her, aside from my parent's divorce which had come up in conversation. Painfully simple really.

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Sort by: best. In a few words, she described multiple instances of "stimulating" her cat by rubbing him and repeatedly expressed a strange amount of delight when telling my roommates and I about her cat licking her ass while she was in the shower. Simple yet Effective Roommate Revenge.

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As a side note, Gee had a pretty bad relationship with her father, and was not shy about describing the terrible things she and her family had endured. TL;DR Asshole makes inappropriate joke about family. Created Nov 1, Top posts september 12th Top posts of september, Top posts Back to Top.

For a friend who made a wrong step, I'd forgive them. Reply Share.

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Gee was so mad when she returned home to find the letter, she beat the couch with her rattan and cried to her mother until funds were sent to secure this demonic furry creature's status. We're chatting about plans that weekend or something to that extent and I make a comment about not being sure if I could show up to an event of some kind. Not saying this was the high road, but boy I was flying high after. Cue a letter from the establishment requiring her to either get rid of the pet within 24 hrs.

But not this.

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For all your stories of small victories over those who've wronged you. I roomed with this girl, let's call her Gee. Gee and I disagreed at the core of our personalities, which would usually be manageable I have lifelong friends who I disagree with regularlyexcept for the fact that Gee was an unbelievable ass hat of a person. I didn't live with them through the shit they pulled, therefore I don't make light or insult anyone I haven't spent ificant time with.