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Safety Features at Sandpiper

Rental Safety
Safety – Modern Infrastructure

We completed a major remodeling and updating of Jekyll Sandpiper in March, 2017. You may not see many of the safety-related changes, but they’re there! The electrical system, including all the wiring and circuit breakers, is completely new. The three AC units and the two tankless hot water heaters are also new. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, hard-wired with battery backup, protect the rooms. They are networked together, so you will hear an alert anywhere in the house. The roof is also completely new. The Glynn County building inspector checked out and approved all the changes.

Of course, there are more visible and comfortable updates, too. We widened the balcony, and our enlarged screened-in porch is a place for everyone to relax with the sounds of the ocean or, perhaps, a thunderstorm.  The house has a completely new paint job inside, and you will find tile flooring throughout.  All the bathrooms are completely updated, with granite counters, new fixtures and new cabinets.  Our kitchen is now an open space with a beautiful new granite island, and we added recessed ceiling lighting.

Safety – Access

Jekyll Island has only one entrance onto the island and requires a parking fee to enter. This restricted access helps to keep crime to a minimum, though we still encourage you to lock your car and the house when you’re away. Each outside door has a deadbolt. There are cameras for security, but they are only outside the house.

Safety – Getting Help

You can find a first aid kit for minor injuries on top of the kitchen refrigerator.  We provide a landline telephone in case you need to make a 911 call, so you do not need to worry about cell phone coverage.  There is a fire extinguisher above the kitchen stove. We pay a yearly Jekyll Fire Fee that helps to provide emergency EMT ambulance service. They come from the nearby fire department, located on the island.  We know personally from when my mom broke her knee that the EMT’s are fast and effective.  If you need to visit the hospital in a less urgent manor, there are directions to the Brunswick Hospital on the refrigerator door.

We can’t foresee every issue that can occur, and you need to be in charge of your own safety, but we have provided an environment where we feel our family and your family can feel safe and secure.  This is our only vacation rental property and our future home. Come share a slice of time on Jekyll Island with the knowledge that you will be in a safe environment.

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