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Seining on the Jekyll Beach

Seining on the Jekyll Island Beach

Seining refers to a method of fishing.  Imagine a 4 foot by 20 foot net, attached to poles on either end. The bottom edge is weighted so that it sits just above the ground. Two people each take a pole and pull the net through the water, catching fish, shrimp, crabs, and other ocean animals in the process.  People have used this method of fishing for thousands of years.  The length of the nets varies, and you can also seine using boats.

All the beaches on Jekyll Island allow seining, but we encourage Jekyll Sandpiper guests to seine outside of turtle nesting areas.  St. Andrews Beach is popular for seining, but you can also pull a seining net along east-facing ocean beaches.  The best time to seine is 1 to 1 1/2 hours after high or low tide, when the tide is in the process of moving. You must have a fishing license, and if you are seining for shrimp, do so within shrimping season.  We recommend you check the regulations ahead of time.  You can buy a fishing license at Maxwell’s General Store in the Beach Village.

Even if don’t pull your own net it can be fun to stop and watch as other people fish in this manner along Jekyll’s beaches.

Tidelands Nature Center Seining Events

The Tidelands seining activities are popular events that meet on Tuesdays during the summer at the South Dunes picnic area.  The Nature Center will provide the nets and direct the seining process.  They will also help participants understand the animals that you net.  The Tidelands activities often return these animals to the ocean after an examination.  Expect to see fish, crabs, shrimp, starfish, or perhaps even a horseshoe crab. Phone Tidelands at (912) 635 – 5032 for more information or to sign up for the event.

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    I was wondering can u still do this 9/23/19 seining for shrimp


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