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Ships and Boats that Ply the Waters around Jekyll Island

Ships and Boats around Jekyll Island
Golden Isles Ships

The port of Brunswick is just west of Jekyll Island. Ships follow a channel along the Brunswick River between the northern tip of Jekyll Island and St. Simons Island. Then they continue under the Sidney Lanier Bridge to reach one of the docking areas.  Large car carriers are one of the most common ships coming into port.  They seem to sit up above the water even when the are fully loaded.  When Jekyll Sandpiper renters cross the Sidney Lanier Bridge going to Brunswick, they might look to the left (west) to see two or three of these ships docked while cars are unloaded.

You might also see grain cargo ships going to a dock located just north of the car carrier docks.  They seem flatter and often have three or four cranes on their decks.  The smallest of the bigger ships following this path belongs to the Emerald Princess Casino.  You can see all of them from Jekyll’s eastern beaches.

The Jekyll Fishing Pier at the northern end of the island is a great place to view the ships as they travel into and out of port.  Follow signs to the Clam Creek Picnic area turning north off of Riverside Drive.  Sightings at sunset are especially pretty since the sun drops directly west of the Sidney Lanier Bridge.

Working Boats

In addition to the ships, many shrimp boats and fishing boats cruise the waters around the island.  Shrimping season runs from around June to late December. During favorable times of day, you can see the shrimp boats off the eastern coast.  Often sea birds wheel through the air surrounding the boats and Jekyll Sandpiper vacationers might catch a sighting of dolphins following along the shrimp boat’s path.  Oh and yum, can’t think of a shrimp boat without looking forward to eating their catch in the island’s local restaurants.

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