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Erotica Tg pregnant fiction found men for love

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Charlie was having a good day. He was still in his thanksgiving break, he did not have work, and, for the first time in months, he had no reason to leave his house. However spending the last week cooped up playing video games and binge watching his favorite TV shows left him feeling stuff so he decided to go out. Noting fancy, just a quick food run then back to the apartment for more hours in the couch. He picked up some food from the nearest take out restaurant and made his way back, stopping by his mail kiosk for the first time this week. He opened his ased box and dumped the mail out into his arms, Christmas and Black Friday catalogs filled his arms along with bills and a small package.

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Well, it kinda fits, as a male ends up in a pregnant mare's body.

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Kinda why that Hearts of Hooves day fic got written but I've read most of these myself. Maybe list the stories you've already read? Wasn't there a recent one with a guy becoming Trixie and possibly pregnant? Then we can try to find ones not on the list.

Explore the best tgpregnancy art | deviantart

This one features another male human into mare, but in this case the pregnancy is relegated to the epilogue, so not a prominent theme. Sparky Brony. Comments Viewing 1 - 50 of Mr Swanky Hat. Ardent Dusk. I haven't read it so I'm not sure.

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Brother Uriel. Well keep letting us know if you've read what we link, and if we find anymore I'm sure someone will post them. The issue is that due to drama the story was canceled.

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our SubscribeStar to remove these adverts! You could try to put the ones you remember, and we could fill in the blanks later.

Explore the best pregnanttg art | deviantart

And that's a small subplot for this story, lol. Well, Rule 63 is a thing.

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This story involves a male human mind being implanted into the body of already-pregnant Twilight Velvet--don't know if that's exactly what you're looking for, either, but it's there, and close in concept. Zephyrus Scary. Discord Follow us Twitter.

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Story Lists What's Hot? Stories Members Forum. There doesn't seem to be that many of these stories.

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Equestria Daily once had a post talking about 'What if Lyra swaped bodies with you? To be honest, I like this idea myself.

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I have a story where a male human goes through the portal to equestria, and when he comes back, he says a pony, and then through a magical mishap, he ends up a she, and gets pregnant. So, this thread basically IS my list of these fics.

Oceanus's - metamorphosis — the story book (tg & pregnancy)

Another male human into mareagain with pregnancy only really happening near the end. A couple of others that come to mind.

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Minus the one you mention in the opening which I don't enjoy for the same reasons. Eventually ends up with foal.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Heh, figures. Support us SubStar Chat!

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But if you really want to read Neat story set in the Conversion Bureau universe where a guy takes the wrong potion that only produces mares.