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Touch Screen Thermostats – Sandpiper on Jekyll Island

ThermostatsThermostat - Sandpiper on Jekyll Island

Sandpiper Cottage has three thermostats: in the upstairs family room, the upstairs hallway, and the downstairs family room. Since they’re touch screen units, they might look a little confusing without the standard buttons. But they’re actually very simple to use. Each thermostat normally shows the current indoor temperature in the center. Below that number, it shows the outdoor temperature, as reported by the weather service over the internet. Since the weather service reports the temperature from the Brunswick airport, the actual temperature outside Sandpiper may vary by a few degrees.

Thermostat Settings - Sandpiper on Jekyll Island
Changing Thermostat Settings
Adjusting the Temperature

If you stand directly in front of a thermostat, the screen will change within a few seconds. A vertical line will appear on the right to show the current temperature setting. In the cooler months, it will show two circles. A circle with a blue number will appear towards the top of the vertical line to indicate the AC setting. Beneath it, a circled orange number will show the heat setting. In the warmer months, there will only be one circle with a blue number for the air conditioning.

Just use your finger to press the desired setting’s circle and move it up or down to raise or lower its value. When you first press a circle, the thermostat will highlight the large current temperature number in the center of the display. It will change to show the current value of the setting you’re changing. As you move your finger up or down, the number will change to display the changed setting.

If it’s a pleasant temperature outside and you want to open windows, please just adjust the AC to a high temperature and/or the heat to a low number so the system won’t go on.

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