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I seek guy who wants Tumblr my sissy husband

And you always thought you were straight ….

gorgeous babe Persephone

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Here are some tips on becoming a better bottom that the tops you have sex with may not tell you either out of a desire to not offend or because they get a thrill from telling others that we bottoms cannot handle their cock .

Years: 31
Where am I from: I'm cambodian
I love: Guy
Eyes: I’ve got big hazel eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My Zodiac sign: Gemini
I prefer to drink: Beer
I like: Blogging

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This shows the top you crave his cock in your ass. You were put on this earth to serve me.

I have this one particular fantasy where men are jerking off all around me, from my face on down to my feet. Many tops find this very arousing, because you are fondling the sacks that produce their sperm, affirming their manhood. I want what they want. The right length, the right thickness, and the right shape the tip bent a bit are all important for proper stimulation and my ultimate satisfaction.

His tongue felt good but it took forever to get me over the edge. There is a reason a top pushes your head in the pillow or the sheets. I decided that as long as he remained under my complete control, that I would give up using my vibrator. The more lo waiting for him in there, the better. I love writing about it. Sure, I love to be the sole reason that a big strong man to lose control and explode through an orgasm that I, or at least my body created.

We went through 7 different dildos until we found one that ideally fits my anatomy Tumblr my sissy husband makes me howl with pleasure. By throwing out my vibrator and having him participate all the time, it has enhanced our intimacy together. Creampies complete the connection between you and my lover.

When my loving obedient pet husband surrendered to my absolute control of his orgasms and constant chastity, I decided that I should make a gesture to show my love and commitment to him also. It is bigger than my husband which is slightly humiliating to him, which is what I wanted to achieve. There is no such thing as too much cum. Additional tips may be appropriate to partners who thrive on domination and submission.

I prefer to have a dominant lover who can take control over the both of us. Only a cuckold needs to ask how, where, or when to cum. The need for his cum grows louder and louder until I want nothing more than for him to burst. Go ahead, get on the ground and do it for me right now. That should be all the satisfaction you need. The symbolic submission is also a big turn-on to a dominant top. I can point to my heel and make you lick it.

Now, he is my only sex toy, and he comes with attachments. A lot of dominant men get turned on by slapping the asses they are fucking, and seeing those asses turn a rosy color. While showing your submission to my lover turns me Tumblr my sissy husband, your submission to me is what gets me off. I want to hear them jerking off. You should only feel shame if you fail to please me. Now imagine how hot it is for me to have a man cumming inside me, while my future husband is holding my hand and telling me he loves me, either verbally or with his eyes. Even if I just use my fingers on myself I love making him watch.

While I rank sharing cum with a friend just above being the sole recipient, it still pales in comparison to how I feel about making you eat it. The wider the bottom spre his knees, the easier it will be while in doggy style.

Once he is in, you can push back to the rhythm of his thrusts. Having adopted the position described in stepsyou should now focus your mind on relaxing your anal sphincter. This will not only look sexier to him, but also make deep penetration easier and less painful. It may help to remember how you take a dump, because the muscular relaxation is identical.

You may feel some humiliation when doing it in front of him. Here are some tips on becoming a better bottom that the tops you have sex with may not tell you either out of a desire to not offend or because they get a thrill from telling others that we bottoms cannot handle their cock.

Eating their cum is all for me.

His nose is literally rubbed in it, smelling the nectar of my heat. I also love sharing cum with a friend. While I want what they wantmy cuckold should, and does, want what I want. If this is the first position he puts you in, use this trick to get used to his cock. There is no shame in pleasing me. I prefer men that explode where they want, rather than asking what I want. Let him know if you like his scent. The ultimate form of that, at least for me, is not pointing at my heel, but rather to my well-used, thoroughly fucked pussy, overflowing with hot, fresh cum and telling you to clean me out.

I wrap my arms and legs around him to al what I want. This helps arch your back and push your ass out.

Over the last few years with regular vibrator use, I discovered that I was having a hard time getting off with non-mechanical stimulation. Tell him how much you enjoy having his cock in you. Every time he pleasures me with it I am stretched open more than his own penis can. He deserves to hear this. I love being rewarded with it.

Steps should, with practice, enable very deep penetration with little or no pain. The one constant is that you are always submissive, both to me and to my lovers.

The life-building process that binds and connects us. I want to be blindfolded to enhance my other senses. Ask him to go slow if you feel pain. There is no natural intoxicant greater than this type of power. I love thinking about it.

With it attached to his face, he gets the perfect view of me being fucked by another cock, watching closely while he makes his replacement slide in and out of me. The more power you give up, the more powerful I feel. Experiment to see what works best.

So yes, my favorite way to take cum is in my pussy, while my boyfriend is there to witness it and clean it out of me with his obedient cuck tongue. I love the new larger size and have become accustomed to it to the point that his own penis is no longer enough. Creampie — I love when a man explodes into my pussy.

Now get between my legs and worship me while I tell you what I just did. As I have said before in other posts, I have no intention in cucking my husband, but him using the dildo gag on me has the effect of him cuckolding himself.

The act of sharing cum awakens additional pleasure nodes in my brain. Since giving up my vibrator, I have regained a lot of the sensitivity back and his ministrations are so much more pleasurable again.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But at the same time it is him that is participating in giving me pleasure, not an impersonal mechanical device that has no feelings. In that moment, I feel viscerally bonded with that man.

One hot load after another is sprayed across my cool skin. Both partners must be comfortable with this.

If not, go apply elsewhere. It gets to a point where it becomes overwhelming with every good hard thrust inside me.

Posts Likes Following Archive. That power manifests itself and grows with each submissive gesture and cuckolding session.

Ja bin ich. 😋

His ears are filled with my moaning and howling in passion that his own penis has nothing to do with. Workouts to get a more feminine figure. Of course it does. As his penis spends so much time incarcerated in its little cage, My penetration needs are met by him servicing me with our dildo gag head harness.

When my boyfriend is there, he gets to clean up every last drop, and I feel like a Goddess every single time he does it.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

In all cases, these should be within reason. Does the of men or the amount of cum factor in? He has in effect ruined me for himself to give me more pleasure. Finding the right dildo for this device was very important.

Just think of my pussy as the perfect serving dish for your favorite meal.