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Of course. The conversation escalated quickly, and there was no mistaking that Scott was trying to get into my panties, even before he asked if he could make me squirt. My goodness, this went on for hours. With every fresh margarita, these things popped into my head.

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A pair of cream heels caught her eye. It took her by surprise of the confidence lined in her voice, yet it raced with questions. He always told her that relationships are based on trust and love. Throwing all the clothes at him, and rushing back, repeating this process two more times. They have not had this together since their honeymoon days or newlywed years.

He craved it, she reckoned, and she failed as a wife to give it to him. Alfie with his blonde curls was sitting in his crib, wailing away, holding onto his blanket. The words that he told her once before, their marriage night, that one strike means out. As so she thought. She placed her second born in his crib, kissed his forehead and gently closed the door. Originally posted by ohstylesno.

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It was odd, if they were hers, why would they be there? She came to her senses. Tears streamed down his reddened face, making any mother upset, seeing their child in this state. He could not decide. Each foot came in contact with the wooden stairs, her hand gripping the handle. What the fuck has he done to this family? Make a noise? Part 2.

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Once Alfie turned back to his sleeping state, her ears picked up another sound, a grunt, and a high pitched moan. The brunette girl next to him looked either happy with the side smirk she showed or just having no idea on how to react. She never regretted the actions, she never regretted him, or the relationship they had together. A sound barely anyone could hear, but she caught it. What was she expecting, she was so blinded by something?

Eventually, she heard the engine of the car turning on, and the lights slowly dimming away. Confusement came to her. No wife would ever expect to see their husband cheating on them.

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She had no idea how to control her actions, so her hand came in contact with her hair, pulling her closer to her. You are a fucking slut. Her leg came in contact with her leg, and her cries began to shatter the room. Harry Styles harry edward styles harry harry styles one shot harry styles imagines harry styles smut harry styles preferences harry styles concepts one direction one direction oneshot one direction imagines one direction smut one direction preferences one direction concepts 1d 1direction 1d imagine 1d preferences.

But, in her eyes, this relationship has no more hope, yet she wanted it to work. You are a disgusting.

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What came next surprised all. Thank you so much, please request for part 2! She had no idea how to move forward. Anger boiled up. Lots of love, -Ava. This has never happened to her, yet she feels like it is real to her. Lots of love. How dare you screw a married man in his own bed, with his children in the other room.

Xx Part 2 Harry Styles harry edward styles harry harry styles one shot harry styles imagines harry styles smut harry styles preferences harry styles concepts one direction one direction oneshot one direction imagines one direction Unfaithful husband tumblr one direction preferences one direction concepts 1d 1direction 1d imagine 1d preferences. Did he lie? She needed to hurry, not wanting to deal with her other child as well. This is part one, please request for part 2, plus ideas. Her mouth was open a tad bit, tears lined her eyes, and she was gobsmacked.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She has been so focused with their eighteen-month-old, and their five-year-old daughter, that she did not realise. Cheating on your goddamn wife. How could someone throw away seven years of marriage, ten years together, and a relationship full of love, and honesty. The cries died down, making her smile appear once again. Should she speak? The lights of the house were off, the kitchen was spotless, and the living room had no toys anywhere. Your son was crying, he was in distress, and what were you doing, hmm, fucking a fucking slut.

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You are nothing more than a whore, a dirty whore. Through thick and thin, they say. Walking the few steps to their master bedroom, the door had a small crack open, a lamp light coming through the gap. Nov 22, So how fucking dare you, take that away from us. She toed her shoes off, dropping her bag down.

She came home late at night; ten to eleven, not too bad in her world. Her eyes just fell upon the man that she once trusted, him looking at his mistress, the girl who helped the affair to go ahead.

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But, what? Was she to say a simple sentence to him? No mistake is a mistake in cheating. Their moans and groans were continuous, and Harry looked like he was having the time of his life. But, why would he say it when she stands here in the doorway of her bedroom, in tears, trying to look away at what she saw.

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I have a ton of ideas for the series but would love to add on. Her eyes were slowly falling shut, but when she closed her door, she heard a faint cry. What to say next? He was gone to late at night, he was cold to her, he never had time for the family, and he was distant.

Or blow out in a fight? She thought that he would never do this in her life.

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It brought a sense of, nothing, just plain nothing. Turning the corner, and opening the door of the room, she saw her baby. The minute he began talking in the voice that she fell in love with so long ago, made her inners turn. Her pale hand came in contact with the door, pushing it ajar, and what she saw was nothing that she expected. Who knows.

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You knew he was married, and marriage is about love between one another, trust and obedience. Here she stood, frozen. Go you, extra points for you.

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He has everything but underwear. What she saw, was definitely something she never wanted to saw. Her fist came in contact with the girl.