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If an evil temple presumably to Lamashtu is selling it at cost the way normal temples sell holy water, then gp. If a retail store was selling it for some reason, I assume it would be priced at twice the cost to make it, so gp.

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Character Creation Outline. Achievement Feats. Dungeon Index.

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The Open Review. Special Materials. Feat Name. Search this site. Get Involved! Arcane Armor Mastery Combat. Bestiary Alternate Grouping. Success causes the creature to become violently ill, vomit the fluid, and become sickened for 1d4 minutes. Traffic Statistics. Armor Proficiency, Light Combat. Monster Listings. Arcane Blast.

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Prestige Classes. Summoned Creature: Constrictor Snake. Armor of Law Prayer.

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Arcane Strike Combat. Collaborator Information. Armor Proficiency, Medium Combat. Sales Tracker. Indexes and Tables. Rogues Gallery.

Waters of lamashtu - spells - archives of nethys: pathfinder rpg

Eel, Cave Moray. Andoren Falconry Local. Additional Traits. Animal Affinity. Digital Index Lookup. Acrobatic Steps. Damaging Objects. Core Classes. Magic Items. Goods and Services.

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NPC Classes. Character Sheets. Character Advancement. Rules for Monsters. Agile Maneuvers Combat. Acadamae Graduate Local. Summoned Creature. Arcane Shield. Monsters DB. Other Conversions. Dice Roller. Base Classes. Eel, Dire Electric. Arcane Talent. You create what looks to be clear, pure water, but is in fact a foul secretion known as the waters of Lamashtu. Armor Proficiency, Heavy Combat. Collaborator Messageboard. Monster Lore Temporary Placement. Pathfinder FAQ.

Release Calendar. Ability Scores. Monster Lists and Details.

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The liquid functions as unholy water see curse water. Advanced Player's Guide Playtest. All Templates.

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Unofficial Errata DB. Ability Focus. Altitude Affinity.

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GM Tools. Alignment Channel. Getting Started. Custom Creations.

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Arcane Vendetta Local. Bestiary Conversion Queue. In addition, any creature that drinks this fluid must make a DC 14 Fortitude save.

Mythic waters of lamashtu

Pathfinder SRD. Carrying Capacity. Not a Term.

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Elder Xorn. See here for more details. Consolidated Lists. Monster Builder. Review Queue.

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Giant Constrictor Anaconda. Summoned Creature: Electric Eel. Eel, Giant Moray. Failure indicates the water takes root and drives the victim mad, dealing 2d6 points of Intelligence damage. Common Terms. Arcane Armor Training Combat. Fan Content This is fan-created content or a fan conversion.