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I liked pick chica who like Werewolf woman tf

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Post Your Comments? Website: Deviantart. Category : Use words in a sentence. Commission - Kelly for WanderingGoose - Darkfyre User Profile DeviantArt. She sat up in bed, quickly turning her head to glance at her bedside clock.

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Ethnicity: Irish
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Listing female werewolf tf movie

We haven't talked in so long. Also, I decided to change my clothes, except for the Denim jacket. As I entered the females bathroom, I went 1, then after that I went to the sink to wash my hands.

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Said mom. That was also the time that I met Sandra. Said my mom. But however, it wasn't a female shadow. How are you? But before we go into that, let me tell about my past life. We then hugged and did our BFF handshake. Good, nonetheless. After turning off the alarm clock, i go to my closet and grabbed a pair of jeans, a white tank top, a black leather belt, a denim jacket, and some black earmuffs as I take off my pjs and put on the fresh clothes. How's my sweet little flying bat. We had quite a lot in common.


I walk to the chair as I ate my breakfast. I'm 15 years old and I was born in Seattleor I thought I was until I found out something that changed my entire life forever. As I slept in my bed, the alarm clock went off as I caused me to wake up. I know, I'm good. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Female werewolf TF. This story is sponsored by Moonlit Brew.

I said. I said as I walked to her. This is the story of my werewolf bodyguard. From outside, Sandra heard my scream as she went inside and saw the man. I then found out that it was Sandra. It was another day in Seattle.

I was now wearing a black shirt with a picture of a rose, a blue skater skirt and black boots with brown faux fur. I read some of the s, so I'm still trying to get the grasp of Werewolf woman tf by trying to read the 1st. Also, Strangly enough, I was only allowed to go outside at night. She wore blue jeans, red sneakers with white laces, a white tank top, and was also wearing a denim jacket like me. Despite being best friends, Sandra would always pull a prank on me.

I don't know why, but it's strange. And caused me to fall over and hit the ground. Through the mirror, I saw a shadow. She then helped me back up by grabbing my hand and pulling me up off the ground. Said my mom as she stroked my black hair from behind me.

Morning Erica. Download Submission.

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Transformation Stories. But still, she's my best friend. It was a males shadow.

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It was at night, and I was at the park waiting for Sandra. I screamed in horror as the man walked closer to me. Also, what's really strange, is that I can vase her Werewolf woman tf a full moon night, but usually stays in the shade. I said as I smiled. That's wonderful, I heard you two have a lot in common with each other.

I sighed again as I got off the table and got ready to see her tonight. But now, I learned the most shocking secret in the entire world, and here is how. Me and Sandra start walking and talking about what we did today, what our new interests were, etc.

Asked my mom. He also had had blonde skin, brown hair, brown eyes, and average adult clothes. While walking around, I saw different plants. I love it, and I think you should see it too. After eating breakfast, mom entered the dining room.

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Moonlit Brew is a werewolf comic made in and is still going on. He looked to be in his 30s or 40s.

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That meant that the only person who could take care of me was my mother, as I got older, i became more lonely and became emo due to the loss of my Father and both my grandparents. As I waited for Sandra, I decided to walk around and examine the area of the park.

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After putting on the clothes, I walk downstairs and entered the dining room where a plate of bacon and freshly peeled blood oranges were sitting on a plate. I said as I turned to her. But what I already know is that she is like a superhero.

Which meant that I had to be home schooled. I shouted as I got her hands away from my hair. This comic is about a female werewolf named Lydia and her 2 human friends who know about her secret. From roses, bleeding hearts, and apple trees. I turn around to see a 5 ft tall muscular man enter the bathroom carrying what appeared to be some kind of sharp wooden object. Support them by sending some Shinies their way!

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Yes Erica? But however, while I was walking around, I heard footsteps walking behind me. She had brown hair, blue eyes, and blonde skin. I then look at the girl.

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My werewolf bodyguard!! Hey Erica, oh my god how are you?

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I then sighed as I pushed my plate away to the center of the table. General Rating.

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Then it happened, the day I found out I had a werewolf bodyguard. I replied. She was a friend of mine that was the same age as me.

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As a werewolf, when she sees someone in danger, she would rush over to protect them. Said Sandra. I'm going to see Sandra tonight at the park.

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Like WerewolfFang13's stuff? I turned around and saw somebody as she went BOO!! Mom hired her to be my tutor and teacher for all my classes. During my birth, it was said that my dad and grandparents died in a car crash during their drive to the hospital. Alright sweetheart, I won't touch your hair.