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My wife and I had been married for 19 months when our first encounter of the worst kind happened. Before the incident, we were the typical newlyweds who made love in such places that are always the most available but not the most comfortable.

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I told my husband about this when I came home after spending some time at a hotel on the beach. My husband just looked at me and asked questions about the affair. This story relates what I told him. It all started while I was staying alone at a nice hotel during a separation from my husband. During my stay the hotel manager paid me a great deal of attention, perhaps because I am nice looking with a good figure.

Years old: I'm 18 years old
Where am I from: Sudanese
My sexual preference: Male
What is my favourite drink: White wine
Body piercings: None
Tattoo: I have tattoos

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The nurse's station was next to it. That is a person who delivers court documents.

Nonconsent/reluctance stories

Her eyes fell upon the handcuffs holding her left wrist to the thick wooden bed-post, and then to the other which was handcuffed to It was her best friend, Jen. Caitlyn was surprised when she awoke in her own bed. Caught Shoplifting Category: Anal Sex. Total 0 votes. Part 1 - Trish's eyes opened slowly, and then the sound of metal on metal filled her ears as she abruptly sat up and pulled against the restraints that held her. The last thing she remembered was passing out in the kitchen as Neil was commencing round four.

There was a wire fence over the window, so the nurse was protected, but could see and hear what went on.

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Imagine a mental hospital - not the realistic environment, more like what you see in movies like "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. Next to her station was a wire gate, locked. He'd been working as a security guard for months now, but he still hated it when he caught a shop-lifter, it meant having to leave the comfy confines of the security office.

Enjoy the fantasy, but keep it away from reality. Also, all characters in my stories are 18 years of age or older! Category: Anal Sex. It all started when I applied for a job as a server.

Wife is taken by men, forced to fuck and prostituted

The big rapist she had met at the Grocery store had claimed her for his own, and she was surprised to have awoken alone. Were it not for the condition of her body, she may have been tempted to believe the night before was all a dream. Category: Gay Male. When you are being sued or when an attorney is delivering some important documents, they hire a server to deliver the document to the person's door.

‘forced sex’ stories

Then he froze as the girl looked around, checking to make sure no one was watching her. Category: Incest. I am self-employed and work from home, my wife has a good paying job at an insurance company.

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Not to mention all the paper-work. Strong winds whipped through the mesh screening, blowing the heat of the summer day quickly away.

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And he's also a willing student—and budding master—of my body. As the family wagon pulled into a small truck stop in the middle of nowhere, Jack's father turned to him and his mother. Until recently, these were separate parts of his life.

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Jimmy cursed as he saw a girl slipping something into her purse from the shelves on the security camera. The wind pushed raindrops through the screen, vaporizing the droplets into a fine, refreshing mist.

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I may want sex less frequently than he, but I probably get more enjoyment from it than I deserve for my own efforts. We are not rich but what I would consider comfortable.

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That was no girl, that was the 23 year old bitch that had ended the friendship between him and his best friend! Heavy rain hammered loudly on the roof of our porch.

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The term 'teen' can refer to somebody who is 18 or 19 as well. I am happily married for many years with grown up children. I had just gotten out of the Army and I was a starving college student and needed extra money. The problem is that it's a long drive and Jacks iPod ran out of battery a long time ago.

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The random lighting strikes that brilliantly lit the night-time sky were quickly followed by deafening claps of thunder. The room was pitch black, interrupted only by the persistent flashes of bright white light. Besides, Dan's curiosity and drive definitely keeps things interesting in our bedroom—and sometimes outside of it too!

‘forced sex’ stories

My name is Mark, until today I lived pretty much an average life. Disclaimer - This is a work of fiction and nothing more. Being out in the elements, experiencing the power of mother nature was intensely stimulating. He's always been faithful. Not that I'm complaining, too much, about Dan's strong libido.

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